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Jun 30, 2017

Visiting the Splash Pad

Earlier this week we went to a splash pad with my friend, Jamie. She plays basketball with us on Tuesdays and she has had a difficult life. I so admire her willingness to accept trials and smile her way through them.

We have been trying to get our kids together for a play date for a while now and we finally succeeded. They have a big new splash pad in Bluffdale, but we decided to go to one of the quieter and less busy areas. It was actually windy and the water was cold, so the kids were reluctant to get wet.

We sat under a tree and ate sandwiches. Jamie took the kids to the playground and I snoozed a bit using my purse for a pillow. (It was the day after Lagoon and I was totally exhausted.)

I think I need to simplify my life a bit. I'm so tired of never getting enough sleep.


Marci said...

I'm so behind on your blog. I had surgery June 1st and just haven't done much since. Splash pads are the best, and I am so jealous at how many y'all have up in Utah! There are only a handful down here in San Antonio which doesn't make sense to me! We're getting ready to get a gym membership (doc said wait 2 more weeks) and the gym we'll join has a splash pad! This looks like so much fun!

Mom of 12 said...

Oh no! I hope you are ok. Any kind of surgery is not fun! We do have so many splash pads. It's almost a contest between cities to see who can be the best...
When will you be back in Utah?

LeAnn said...

I'm so happy that you got a snooze. Yes, I do think you need to simplify your life just a touch. However, I don't have a clue how you would do it. You are one amazing woman. These splash pads are so awesome for children; I love that there are a few around.
Sending loving thoughts your way! Hugs~.


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