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Jun 9, 2017

Last Day of Softball

Last day of softball for this cute girl. Baby Doll's team lost their tournament game 4 - 5. She played really well; fielded a ball and threw it to first for the out and then made a hit that got her on base.

After the game, the coach had all the girls go over to the pavilion. Parents sat at the tables and the girls all lined up on the "stage" area. Each one had their own choice of treat because instead of the parents or the coaches bringing treats in this league, after the game, each girl gets a treat stick that they can use for a dollar at the snack shack. It actually works out really well.

Then the coach passed out Sharpies and softballs, one to each girl. They were told to write their names on them and pass them on. It took about 15 minutes for all of the girls to sign their names, but the coach made sure all of the names were on every ball before he passed them back.

It's been a great season for Baby Doll. She has definitely improved her skills, but this mama is tired of chasing to games and practices all the time. Remember I told you Scout finished up last Saturday? The boys finish on the 17th. Maybe we can have a life again after that. OK, after swimming lessons... after scout camp... after...

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