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Jun 22, 2017

A Special Date

Crafty and Sport are both participating with the SLCC Spirit Marching Band; Crafty is playing her clarinet and Sport is carrying the banner with Bean Dip. Fajita is also playing her flute, so it is a real family affair.

Tonight they had rehearsal downtown so my sweetie and I dropped them off and then drove to City Creek. We decided to take advantage of their two hours marching and find a quiet place to have dinner and talk for a while. I've hardly seen him all week.

We eventually settled on the Joseph Smith Memorial Building where Grandpa serves his mission. He had already gone home by then, but we climbed in the elevator anyway and got out on the 10th floor. They have two restaurants up there and we chose the cheaper one although at the Garden, the views and food still cost us $60.

Yes, that is the Salt Lake Temple right outside the window.

I wanted to show you the meal I paid all that money for and the beautiful view behind my sweetie's head. It was difficult to get a picture of him because the sun was shining in my eyes, but I finally managed with the flash.

Butler steak... delicious!

I love going out with my sweetie and spending time with just him. After we ate we roamed the Disney store and then the Fanzz store. Sport's birthday is on Friday, so we grabbed something I think he will really like (Sorry, Sport, you thought I was going to spill the secret, didn't you?)

When we finally picked up the kids at 8:45, Sport was carrying the entire banner. Apparently we get to take it home with us and clean it before the parade on Saturday...Hey! Is this really in his job description?

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

How fun to have the kids in the marching band. I love that you had a good time with your sweetie. The food looked yumm and the view is a perfect one. Blessings and hugs for you two.


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