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Jun 5, 2017

Summerfest Fireworks

On Saturday, after we drove 4 hours back from St. George, Scout played two softball games, we stocked up the fridge for the weekend, unloaded the van from the trip and put stuff away, we took the kids out to the Summerfest Celebration at the park.

It was only the littlest 3 because Crafty and Sport were already there. They were working a booth for the Youth City Council from 7:00 - 10:00. My sweetie dropped the 4 of us and then went home to put away the groceries. We took our good little workers ice cream sandwiches and water bottles.

Then the littles went off to explore the nearby booths.We hung out for half an hour before they decided to shut down the booth about 9:00 because they didn't want it to be too dark to see the stuff to put away. That left them free to wander with us for about half an hour before my sweetie called. He had just gotten back to the park, actually found a parking place, and a patch of grass for us to sit.

He knows how much I love fireworks! He even brought treats for us to share. By the time we joined him he had blankets spread and things all set up. With about 20 minutes to go before the fireworks, the kids decided they had plenty of time to be silly.

Baby Doll started it by jumping to the flash of my camera. Then the others decided to get in on the game. The pics aren't great, but they are fun. A warning flash and then a delay before the picture snaps left them giggling and trying again to get caught doing something amazing. 

Most of pics were sent to the trash can, but a few were fun enough to share. Then it was time for a 10-minute fireworks show that was just right for our current mood. Any longer and I'm afraid the kids might have started trying to do tricks choreographed to the flashes of light and the gigantic booms!


Cindy said...

Looks like fun!!

LeAnn said...

Those fireworks are always so fun. We were surprized they were only 10 minutes. We can see them somewhat good from our bathroom window. As always I like reading about your family fun. Big hugs for all!


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