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Jun 14, 2017

Discovering Pigtail Flippers

It had been quite a while since I heard from my friends over at Cave Tools. I thought we had reviewed pretty much all of their products, so I was quite surprised when they asked me if I wanted to try something called a Pigtail Flipper. I had never heard of such a thing and since this is barbecue, you can imagine what I was thinking about with a name like "pigtail."

I was wrong.

Pigtail flippers are actually these neat little long-handled tools with a curved metal skewer on the end to grab and turn meat. Because they barely touch the meat, they keep it from spilling all those delicious juices. I'm starting to sound like a commercial, aren't I?

So a few days ago my sweetie decided he was sort of fed up with the diet Crafty has put us on and he went to the store and bought a small package of nice steaks. He waited until the kids were all in bed and then he headed for the grill. It was a bit dark outside, so my pics aren't the greatest, but I convinced him this would be the perfect time to try his new Cave Tool. (It also gave him the perfect excuse just in case he got caught by one of the kids.)

He pulled the steaks from the grill using these nifty little tools just as the Dog Walker came in from work and the three of us settled into making sure they were grilled (and flipped!) to perfection. I've got to tell you, they were so juicy! And according to my sweetie, they were so easy to use. Any tool that makes him want to spend more time cooking is my new favorite tool...

But seriously, if you are looking for an inexpensive Fathers' Day gift, check out Cave Tools' website. If you want to try out the Pigtail flippers, I can hook you up with an awesome deal. Our friends at Cave Tools wanted to make it even easier for you to buy them, so they gave me a coupon code to save 15% if you order from the Cave Tools website. Just enter PIGTAIL15.

Amazon or at Cave Tools

***We were given a free set of Pigtail flippers  for our open and honest review of the product.***

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

This tool for grilling looks like a great one. The juicy steaks sounds so good. Way to go on not getting caught by the kids. I'm sure Dog Walker won't tell. Hugs for you all~


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