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Mar 21, 2012

A Little Exercise

You know, I've been a little depressed this week. Maybe it's this sugar challenge thing. In all my 47 years, I don't believe I've ever been four weeks without a single sweet treat. I thought by now I should have dropped at least a couple of pounds, but standing on my scale still doesn't make me smile.

I thought eating more healthy might make me want to exercise more regularly. And it's working for some of us. Teach has suddenly been inspired to try to run a 5K.She ran two miles on the treadmill yesterday! I run a quarter of a mile and I'm huffing and puffing. Even the little ones are excited about exercise.

I was sitting at my desk earlier today and I heard giggling from my sweet little Baby Doll. She and the Dog Walker and Scout were playing Just Dance and the song was Cotton-Eyed Joe. For some reason she thought that was so funny! I snapped a few pictures of them for you. They like exercise.

I'm just having a hard time getting myself motivated. I read an article by the blogging queen, C. Jane, in the newspaper today and, get this, she woke up early in the morning because her body told her she needed to go for a walk! The only kind of walk my body wants to take at that time of day is a quick trip to the bathroom!

Seriously though, any suggestions? I love basketball, but I can't play every day. I know it sounds dumb, but just going for a walk feels like such a waste of time when I have so many other things demanding my attention.
You remember TV back in the 60s? When some of those women wanted to exercise, they stood on on a machine where a huge rubber band shook their entire backside? I want to know if those work. They look way more fun than the treadmill and all of these women look pretty skinny. I couldn't possibly wear the little hat though...

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Eternal Lizdom said...

This is a journey I've been on for many years now! I started in 2010 and had a goal to run a 5K and then another and another and then a half marathon! Then my work life changed in a Big Way and disrupted my plans. I backslid into old habits and unhealthy choices and skipped the gym over and over. But I am working to get back on it. I'm getting help for the first time ever with Weight Watchers. I joined the YMCA and am getting help from a Wellness Coach. I am trying many different new workouts to try and find something I really love.

Sometimes, the motivation comes from remembering how great it felt when I felt fit and strong. Sometimes, the motivation comes when I see my kids modeling my hard work. Sometimes, the motivation comes because I have a goal I want to accomplish.

The running thing- are you familiar with Couch to 5K? I will never be a classic runner. But with C25K, I was able to find something I didn't know I could do. You might want to check it out!

Theresa said...

Maybe you are building muscle on your runs and we all know muscle weighs more than fat. I wouldn't worry about what the number on the scale says.

I love those Just Dance games. I play them for about 45 minutes a day (I like the Michael Jackson dance game a lot) then do core excercises for 15 minutes (crunches, ect). It took me a few weeks to get motivated, but now if I haven't done them by lunch I start getting antsy to go exercise.

Hang in there! Once you get over the hump, you might actually look forward to your workouts!

Shell said...

The only times that I've been able to stick to a good routine is when I have the time scheduled and decide that I am not going to let anything else interfere with that time.

Even with everything else I could be doing.

Maybe that's what you need to do with your walks- make them a priority.

Arkansas Patti said...

I'm still workiing on that very thing and have no answers. Do you have a basketball hoop set up? How about shooting hoops for half an hour? A little one on one with one of the kids? If it is something I like to do, I will do it. Otherwise interest fades soon.

Marci said...

I have such a hard time committing to exercise. I used to go walking with friends because their was a walking trail right by our apartments, but then we all moved... I've tried going running on my own but don't end up sticking with it very long. The one thing I have found is that I can trick myself by playing Just Dance. I have Just Dance 3 and it has a sweat mode, I'm not sure if the older ones do as well, but I find that it is great exercise.

I also recently got a pedometer. I used it for a few days keeping track of my steps for each day, then I started trying to increase by a couple hundred steps each day. I find that just walking around doing my normal cleaning can get me quite a few steps, and if I head to the grocery store I can always hit my target. I'm still working on increasing this.

Brandi Yee said...

Motivation can be a tricky thing. Sometimes I think weather has to do with it...for me anyways LOL. I find now that our weather is nicer, I'm more apt to get out and do more.

Chatty Crone said...

Hey I want one of those bands!

I am your newest follower!


Anonymous said...

I am about the same age as you, Sandy. The thing that motivates me to exercise is the desire to be a healthy grandparent and enjoy retirement with my husband. (I don't really care about looking "skinny" anymore, and I dislike exercise.)
But a year ago I signed up for a 5K and did the couch-potato-to-5k program. (Look it up online.) Knowing that I had paid for a race and that all my friends were counting on me really motivated me. I also quit some "good" things that I loved doing (like playing in the community band) so I had time to exercise. Now I honestly look forward to my morning run.
You can do it!

Heather H said...

I recently started a Biggest Loser challenge at work, and believe me, exercise was the LAST thing I wanted to do (other than give up dessert). But my co-worker & I committed to walk twice a day for 15 minutes each time. It has really been fun, and very motivating when we realize that we have extra time at the end of our laps and can walk a little more (in fact, one of our skinny teammates walked with us today and said that our walk wore her out as much as walking six flights of stairs!). Breaking it down into just a little like that has been the right motivation for me, and I look forward to the walks now. Can you carve out just a few minutes a few times a day to do something active? It might be the right way for you to start.


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