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Mar 2, 2012

So Did We Win?

OK, I want to confess up front that if you were hoping for pictures of me playing basketball, it's just not going to happen. Nobody but the teams actually attend the women's games. All those kids would be too distracting for the moms on the floor.

Instead I'm sharing pics of my Jr. Jazz team. Crafty is on the bottom right in the pink shirt. The second pic is Scout's cute little team. She is #5.

I know you are just dying to find out about the tournament, right? So half my team got lost on the way to the church. The woman in charge actually called me when we were about 3 minutes away and asked me if we were coming...

I assured her that we should probably stay home, but we would definitely be there before 8:00. And we were...we walked in the door at 7:58. They nicely gave us a couple of extra minutes to put together our roster and warm up. Six of us were there. The only one missing was Bossy. She and I have been sharing the point guard position this year, so that was not a good thing.

We got out on the floor and the Daybreak team took the toss. Things were not looking good. By the end of the 1st quarter we had only thrown three shots and none of them went in. The score was 10 - 0. That's about the time Bossy walked in.

We decided to play the second quarter with both of us on the floor. The first shot she put up missed the mark but I got the rebound and tossed it in. The next two possessions were the same. Then she threw in an awesome three-pointer from about six feet outside the line! I think that shook them up a bit. Suddenly they were only up by three at the half.

Bossy and I met up quickly in the restroom during the break. We might actually be able to win this game, but then we would have to forfeit tomorrow night's game for sure. Teach had to work and I had a Tupperware party at 6:00. That left only five players and that was assuming every one else would be able to come.

The rest of the team didn't realize the dilemma we were in. We played the third quarter with the same intensity except for "yours truly" was the one to throw in the amazing three-pointer! (I think I was more surprised than anyone else...I've never made a three-pointer in a real game before.)

We finished up the third quarter still down by 3. I took a quick breather and Teach racked up a total of six points. With three minutes to go, the game was still close. I called for a time-out and subbed myself back in. That's when Bossy pulled us all into a close huddle and explained the situation...that a win would likely mean a forfeit Friday night.

Always loyal, my team dropped it down a notch and we lost 31 - 22. But the game was so fun! If you remember my whining from yesterday, I expected us to take a beating and it wasn't like that at all. And these ladies were good sports too. The only dose of humble pie for me was when I was fouled on the shot and totally missed both foul shots.

I'll let you know how things work out tomorrow. I may even think to ask Bossy to snap a pic on her cell phone...but I probably won't, that's what I love about basketball, when I'm playing the game, I don't have enough brain cells to think about anything else.


Crystal Pistol said...

At least you play! That's great! I do not do basketball. I severely suck at that sport! :)

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I was looking forward to an update on your tournament! We are all height challenged in this family so basketball is out!


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