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Mar 9, 2012

Going Solo

I always thought I could sing.

7th grade choir - back row, second one from the left 
Even when those around me didn't quite think so. I was in about the 7th grade when I realized that I didn't have to be able to hit the high notes...that it was perfectly acceptable to be an alto. And it was fun! I love harmonizing.

I started singing in the choir that same year. It was 1977, and for a Jr. High group, we were quite good.

When I was a freshman, our class was in charge of a talent assembly. With 83 kids in the class, we had plenty of talent, the problem was that some of them were afraid to share. So we were practicing and one of the girls had planned to play a piano solo to a popular tune of the day, "Reunited."

Somebody got the bright idea that having someone sing along would make the whole number more interesting. I was recruited along with one of my best friends. We practiced together and prepared to wow the audience. An hour or two before the show was supposed to begin, someone pointed out that two girls singing "Reunited" was probably not appropriate for our high school audience. My friend was all too happy to drop out. Suddenly I was singing a solo in front of the whole school to a song that I had only practiced a couple of times. I was beyond terrified.

8th grade choir - middle row with my face circled in black pen
The setup was not good. Our auditorium was small and the piano didn't sit on the stage, it sat on the floor right in front of it. My accompanist turned it just right so I could sit on the edge of the stage with a microphone and still be able to see her sheet music since I wasn't sure of all of the lyrics.

Surprisingly, we pulled it off! I don't think anyone (except for my dad who was a teacher and in the audience and totally shocked to see me up there) had any idea that we had only practiced a few times. That was the first time I became addicted to the applause. I performed many times during high school at various places and loved every minute of it! It was gratifying to realize that even though I had always thought I could sing, now there were other people who thought I could too.


Brandi Yee said...

That's awesome! I've always been a little shy being in the "spotlight" but sometimes feel I missed great opportunities because of that. Now that I'm a little older, I'm more outgoing...but wish I had of been in highschool as well ;)

Arkansas Patti said...

Ah lucky you to have felt the spotlight and applause. Hope you still are exercising the pipes.

Natalie Ockey said...

I wonder if you remember singing Piano Man and all the Saturday's Warrior songs at the piano with me (and maybe some of your other siblings). I was too little to remember much about you living at home, but that tops the list!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

That sounds GREAT! I play the piano and was always shy when recital time came around, but I managed to get through them. Enjoy your weekend!

Saimi said...

You were a busy girl in school, actually, you're still a busy girl!!

Alicia said...

Wow!! What a great memory to share! I give you credit because I would have been soooooo nervous!

And I love Reunited! Reminds me of when I was about 8 years old!


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