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Jan 23, 2012

No Time for January Blues

Me and Crafty at halftime
The kids went back to school last Tuesday, so it's time for the January Depression to set in. Except that I've been too busy to be depressed.

Saturday was absolutely insane! My Jr. Jazz team of 5th - 6th grade girls took another beating at 9:00. The final score was 22 - 2. My little point guard was so upset that she was in tears at the end of the game. One of my best shooters forgot to put her contacts in and she couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

We ran from that game to Sport's game. His team wasn't hitting them either and they lost about 16 - 6. Then my sweetie stayed with him while he got his pictures taken and I ran home to get Scout ready for her game and then pictures at 11:30. Sometime that morning my sweetie also picked up the Bountiful Baskets and the Dog Walker played a game at the church (his team managed to win and he made two points...if I don't tell you that I'll be in big trouble).

Sport is #34
Shortly after I left for Scout's game, the Dog Walker got himself to Sleeping Beauty Rehearsal. (I'm so glad he can drive!) The minute I walked through the door again, I grabbed a piece of bread for lunch and headed back out again with Teach, the Drama Queen, and Bossy for my niece's baby shower downtown. We raced back afterward and got home just in time to send the kids to Bountiful for their voice lesson while I drove down the street for a Tupperware party. It was nearly 4:00 and the snow was coming down fast and furious.

Warming up!
I won't go into details on the party except to say that I had excellent hosts who sold a bunch of stuff! But we all got visiting and I didn't get home until almost 7:30. The family was just finishing dinner because Teach had a party of friends coming over. I grabbed a quick bite (thank goodness they served food at the shower!) and rushed to help get everything cleaned up. Sadly, instead of finally getting a minute to relax, I ended up at the computer, inputting about 30 broken Tupperware pieces for the party because the host was going out of town and needed her credits right away. Thank goodness the Drama Queen was in charge of our post!

The only casualty was that Princess totally forgot about a birthday party for one of her friends! It started around noon and by the time she remembered it was half over. 

I fell into bed about 11:00 because we have had trouble getting up for 9:00 church every week this year. But I will tell you about that tomorrow.


Saimi said...

I can't even imagine a dull moment around your parts!! We changed to the 9:00 church time and oh how I struggle with that!

LeAnn said...

Oh my gosh, I am amazed at all you did in one day. Yes, indeed no time for depression here. I remember some days like that and I do know the feeling of deep exhaustion.
Blessings to you and I do hope you have time to take a deep breathe.

Emmy said...

Okay this made me tired just reading this! Holy cow mama you have a lot on your plate. Sorry about the basketball losses. My husband wears contacts when he plays or yea, it is not a pretty picture.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

WOW!! One busy lady! No time to get depressed at all! Hope you had a great weekend. PS- Sorry for the basketball losses

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Sounds busy!!!

Melanie said...

Yeah...the January depression stinks. I totally get it. I'm glad you are keeping busy and avoiding it, though. I hope it keeps up until the sun comes out again. :)


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