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Jan 16, 2012

Blog Games

But I do like wii games!
I’ve never really participated in Blog Games. Oh, I’ve followed a linkup once in a while if I thought it fit well with something I happened to be writing that day, but I’ve never done any tagging. And I’m not really sure I want to do any tagging now, but I've been tagged by Alex Tracie and the Wee Ones.

There are rules for the game, but I’m going to change them because I’m afraid you’ll get bored reading all this stuff about me. So all I’m actually going to do is answer Tracie’s questions because that sounds like fun and maybe because I’m a little brain-dead tonight.

When I mentioned I was tired, my sweetie said, “Don’t worry about posting today!” I think he was a little surprised by my response. “What day is it?” I asked. “Sunday?” he guessed, not really seeing my point. “No,” I persisted, “the date.” “January 16?” he suggested. (Actually he was a little off, it was only the 15th then.) I kind of got in a little huff with him. “I’ve been writing a post EVERY DAY for an entire year as of January 19th. I’m NOT going to miss now!”

So he went to bed and I’m sitting at the computer with nothing to say so I’m going to answer Tracie’s questions for you. And thanks for thinking of me, Tracie! Maybe next time I’ll play by the real rules…my brain ought to be working by then…maybe…

Tracie’s questions for me:

1. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

I actually love Utah. I’ve always been a small-town girl and I didn’t know how I’d adjust to living nearer the city, but the suburbs are perfect for me.

2. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

I love vanilla ice cream! (I know, boring, huh?) But I want to cover it with chocolate syrup and chopped nuts…does that help?

3. Where is your dream vacation?

I don’t love to travel. I’ve always been a little prone to motion sickness (I should write about that sometime) so I would rather stay home. That said, I would love to take my family on a Church History tour and we are considering doing that next summer. If I decided to actually fly somewhere, I would like to visit England.

4.What is your most embarrassing moment?

I’ve had lots of embarrassing moments and the worst one I just can’t possibly share, but I walked out of church last week with half the buttons on my blouse still undone from nursing Baby Doll. Does that count?

5.What is your least favorite food that you still make your kids eat?

My least favorite food on the planet is cantaloupe. When I was younger, just the smell of it would make me physically sick. Now I tolerate it and I can even cut one for my sweetie. I don’t make the kids eat it, but since my sweetie loves melons, most of the kids like it anyway.

6. What is your favorite blog post?

Probably the ones about when I was a kid. Most of them have forced me to really think and lots of those stories are not written down anywhere. It’s kind of like Dumbledore and the Pensieve…pulling them out of my brain seems to ease a little of the stress in there. At least I know they won’t be lost now.

7. When do you find time to blog?

I like to blog late at night when everyone is asleep and the house is quiet.
Baby Bossy

8. How long did you date your spouse before you married?

I met my sweetie in June but we didn’t start dating until November. We were married the following September (right after I graduated from high school). Yeah, I was just a baby…and a teenage mom. Bossy was born three months before I turned 20.

9. Do you have any phobias?

I don’t like tight places, but it’s not severe. Does “cantaloupe-a-phobia” count?

10.What is your favorite number and why?

I’ve always loved the number 8 because it is the age of accountability. When you are hovering between a baby and someone who knows right from wrong. And in my church you are finally old enough to get baptized.

I thought this post needed some pictures...

11. Why do you blog?

I love the fact that I am doing family history…recording the small moments that pass and no one remembers. Like today at church…I was helping with Curly’s class. His teacher asked these four little guys who had a baby at home. When they didn’t respond, I tried to help, so I said, “Finn has a baby at home…and Curly has a baby at home.” He looked at me like I was the dumbest person on the planet. “I DON’T have a baby at home,” he responded. “She’s at church!”

That was fun! Maybe I’ll have to participate a little more often. Thanks again, Tracie!


Bethany said...

Haha, Curly's so smart! I love it.

Arkansas Patti said...

Interesting answers and I loved the picture of all of you together with the name tee shirts. Cool. It is the first time I have seen it.
Now I can use it as a point of reference.

Brandi Yee said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I loved reading this and just like you, I like blogging late at night, when the kids are in bed lol.


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Blogging when the house is quiet is really nice! It's kinda cool that you've conquered your canteloupe-a-phobia to some extent!


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