Jul 28, 2019

Fairview Museum

Yesterday was one of those days that I dream of...a day with absolutely nothing planned. Normally our youngest kids would have already started school except that our year-round schedule has now suddenly gone traditional and school doesn't start for another month.

But I digress...

My sweetie wanted to fill the day with adventures including a trip to see his mom, so we loaded up our two youngest and our little granddaughter (because her parents had tickets to a play and I had promised to babysits, so I guess technically I didn't have a completely free day). We arrived at Grandma's house in the early afternoon and settled in to visit while my sweetie programmed her sprinklers for her trees and lawn.

At about 3:00 we decided we wanted to go to the Fairview Museum. We had been there before, but my youngest kids didn't remember it. The museum is free with a suggested $5 donation/family, which fit right within our budget.

We went into the building with the mammoth skeleton first because that is what my sweetie had told the kids about. When they were suitably impressed, we headed over to see the other exhibits in the original part of the museum. Personally, I think it is way more interesting...

I love the room with the tiny carriages and the baby things from a century ago. My sweetie identified a barber chair that he believed he might have actually sat in to get a haircut since it was donated by the guy who used to cut his hair when he was a child.

We could have wandered around much longer, but it closed at 5:00 on Saturdays. If you happen to ever get one of those free days and you are looking for an adventure, make the trip to Fairview. It's sort of like the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum on a local scale and even more interesting if you happen to be from that area. But plan a couple of hours so you can look at everything and don't take Highway 89. I hear they had a mudslide... talk about an adventure...!

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LeAnn said...

You do like to be on the go, and this trip seemed like a sweet one. Visiting Mom's is the best. Thanks for the suggestion to visit this museum; it looks like a good one. We have gone to similar ones in littler towns, and they are fun.
Blessings and hugs!