Nov 17, 2017

Twizlet's First Haircut

I have been hounding Teach and Twiz to cut Twizlet's hair for a couple of months. The poor girl had bangs almost to her mouth and that is rough for a 9-month-old. It seemed that she always had a few bits of Cheerios or some sort of food trying to attach itself to her cute black hair.

So today I caught Teach in a moment of weakness and she agreed to let me get out the scissors. Twizlet had just come from the doctor and she was not a happy girl, so it was a real fight to get her to hold still. Maybe those scissors looked just a little too much like the flu shot she was still stressing over.

We got the before pic, then staged the scissors to the forehead one. Teach didn't really want to do the cutting; that was my job. It was probably easier than getting her to hold still!

It only took a minute and now our little sweetie can actually see again. She looks like a whole new kid.

I hope Twiz wasn't too upset with us...


Natalie Ockey said...

Mark had hair growing down over his ears at about that age. I snipped the first one fine, but he turned his head right as I snipped the second one. I caught just the very tip of his ear and made the tiniest slice. He was stunned for a second. There was a tiny trickle of blood. Then he started screaming. Then his Mom started screaming.

I'm glad you had Twizlet's mother's permission to snip. Our marriage survived-- barely!


LeAnn said...

Wow, that was a cute post! She looks so adorable with her new hair cut. Of course, she is extra cute even with it long. It looks like it was a feat to get it done. The before and after photos the best!
Blessings and hugs and big ones for Twizllet!