Nov 20, 2017

Cookies With Santa

Our city advertised Cookies with Santa at the Gale Center for tonight. Teach wanted to take Twizlet over so I offered to bring Baby Doll and come with her. As it turned out, the Dog Walker, Scout, and Curly all piled in the car with us.

When we arrived, the line was incredibly long! Santa was only supposed to be there until 8:00 and that left us about 35 minutes. We climbed out of the car anyway.

Just waiting...

It wasn't long before the lady in charge came out to tell all of us that Santa was leaving right at 8:00 and it was possible that we would not make it through the line by then. We discussed it for a minute, but then decided to take our chances. No one else left either.

More waiting...
By 7:45, Teach was getting nervous. She sent Scout and Curly inside to check the progress of the line and make sure they still had cookies. (As it turned out, there were no cookies... it was simply a ploy to get us to vote for our favorite gingerbread house.)

At 8:00, there were still about 5 children in front of our group. Baby Doll started to panic, but that sweet Santa remained until every last child had a turn. Our group crowded together for a quick pic and then Teach put Twizlet on Santa's lap.

She took one look at him and screamed as loud as her little lungs could possibly muster.

Now we know why Santa wears that big furry hat down over his ears. Maybe someone should have given her a cookie...

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LeAnn said...

Oh what a fun moment with Santa! I thnk the cute photos is worth the wait. One of my children cried every year when we tried to get her to go to Santa. Wow, not fair there were no cookies.
Blessings and hugs!