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Nov 14, 2017

Please Pray for Bossy

As you know, Bossy experienced a stillbirth back in September and it has devastated her entire family. I spoke with her doctor afterward and he said what had happened was rare and unexpected. Nothing could have been done to prevent it.

She is so discouraged and in need of prayers and hope. Please help. Here is her story in her own words from Facebook.
Tomorrow we find out if we should even keep trying for a rainbow baby as we meet with a top maternal fetal specialist in the state to review our history, discuss my terrible placentas and crazy hormones.  I am seriously so stressed about everything right now. I am seriously losing the battle with my adrenal system and my stupid PCOS has already wrecked all my hard work with managing my diabetes and made me go back on insulin and regain some weight.  I am feeling very discouraged and I have hulk-like rage thanks to my raging testosterone which just keeps getting higher and higher because my endocrine system is totally wack.  I hate when labs question if my sample is contaminated because I test like a pubescent boy.  I hate that my high testosterone makes me angry all the time.  I hate that it increases my insulin resistance.  I hate how defeated I feel all the time because my body just doesn't function like it is supposed to. 

We love you, Bossy, everything will be OK, maybe not perfect, but definitely OK.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Oh you sweet girl, I feel sad that you are having such a hard time. Having a stillborn is so difficult. Do trust in medical care because there are miracles out there. I’m sure they will figure it out. I will be praying for you. You have such strong family support which is amazing.
Hang in there girl!! Big hugs for you!


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