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Aug 21, 2017

On the Road Update (via Drama Queen)

Hey y'all!

Momma just wanted me to let y'all know that they had tons of fun hanging out in Idaho.  They got to see the eclipse from the zone of totality and I bet they have some cool pics.  They ended up waiting a few hours, but even after stopping to eat dinner and catch a movie, they are still caught in a bunch of traffic.  Latest update is they are just outside of Pocatello and the freeway is totally stop-and-go.  Dad's guessing they won't roll into town until four in the morning.  I hope its a bit sooner than that, but really, who knows? Once in a lifetime events end up with once in a lifetime traffic!

Momma will post tomorrow with more details of their awesome trip.  Night, bloggers!

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Thanks for the update Drama Queen! We have other friends that got caught in the traffic too; not fun. These are the patient learning moments. Hugs for all!


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