Aug 13, 2017

Happy Birthday, Curly!

I know we have been talking about Curly's birthday for several days now, but he actually turned 9 on August 12, which was Saturday. He had a friend party on Friday, a party with his football team on Saturday (not really for him, but we are claiming it), and his family party today.

Just for fun, we started adding up the calories of the candy that he received from his friends. When we got to about 25,000, we stopped. I hope he shares or makes them last a very long time. He got other gifts, but I think his favorite was probably the one from us, a brand new shiny red bicycle!

He has grown so fast, he needed a new one. We jumped right to a 24" this time hoping that it might last him for a couple of years. He loves to ride and this is his first bike with actual gears so he can go very fast.

Scout said she didn't help blow out the candles, but I think we have proof right here!

Beauty and The Beast gave him the most fun to open gift; 9 kinds of candy/donuts wrapped over and over in plastic wrap and I think some clear tape. It took him at least 5 minutes to free them all.

My sweetie made BBQ chicken, one of the favorite foods of nearly all of my kids, baked potatoes, zucchini, and fresh peaches. I told you yesterday I made the cake. Curly wanted a zebra cake so I made one yellow and one chocolate and then poured them in concentric circles. It did look sort of like a zebra. But he was way more excited about the light-up football that was his cake topper.

Only one more birthday for August and that is my sweetie. At least he never hopes for a friend party...


LeAnn said...

Happy 12th Birthday to Curly! It looks like he had a rip roaring time. I liked the gifts; especially the bike, cake and the football. Loved the candy wrap moment; so fun!
Hugs for him~

LeAnn said...

Opps. Happy 9th Birthday to Curly! I turned the numbers around. I am very old after all!
Ha Ha!!