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Aug 9, 2017

Blast From the Past: Guess Who!

Since tomorrow is Beauty's baby shower, I've been thinking about my babies and how big they have gotten. I thought it might be fun to put up some older pics and see if you can guess who is who. A few of them are doubled, just to throw you off.

  Let's see how you did.

#1:  If you guessed #1 was Crafty, you are right! This was taken in 2006, so she would have been almost 6 years old and just starting kindergarten.

#2: If you guessed Sport, you are right! This was taken on the same day as the pic of Crafty, so he would have been 3; likely right before he started wearing glasses.

#3: You don't get the face here, because I wanted you to remember she had auburn hair. Scout is correct! She was about 6 months old here.

#4: This is a tricky one, but if you guessed Taco, you are right! My oldest biological grandson was 2 at the time and fit in quite nicely right between Scout and Sport. Since I babysat him often, he is in many of our family pics.

 #5: Scout again! I wanted you to see her beautiful face at approximately the same age. Her eyes are not really that red color, that is my cheap camera.

#6: If you guessed Sport, you are right. Why does he always have a dirty face? He is so absolutely worried about looking just right now. Guess we all change.

#7: Those are baby Curly, his very first pics taken in 2008. Can you believe he is turning 9 on Saturday?

This was so fun! Did you get them all right? I think I will try again next week and throw in some of the older kids and see how you do with all 12 kids.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

I loved all your fun photos of the these awesome children when they were younger. I can't say i guessed them right; but they are very cute. I do hope you share more. Big Hugs for you dear Mom of twelve!


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