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Aug 11, 2017

Football and Birthdays

My life feels consumed with football... and birthdays....

We had a friend party for Curly today and he had about 25 guests. We played dodgeball and volleyball. The kids really seemed to enjoy it, but it made me tired. There was no time to rest today because as soon as we were cleaned up and had the car unloaded, my sweetie and I headed over to Bingham to watch Sport play football in the stadium. He is on one of two 9th grade teams this year and they had a blue and white scrimmage. It was fun to see him play on the actual field.

Sport is one of those white helmets with a white jersey.

Thankfully, while we were there, Drama Queen bailed me out yet again by filling an entire cooler full of water balloons. As soon as we got home, my sweetie headed to Daybreak to take food to Crafty who was busy doing service as the Youth Mayor of South Jordan. Sport and I loaded the cooler in the car and ran out to the park to watch the end of Scout's scrimmage and then he and I sat in the car and watched the huge waterfight with hundreds of balloons, four Mighty Mite teams, coaches, parents, and random other players who happened upon it like Curly and Taco.

It was crazy fun to watch, but I'm glad I stayed safe and dry in my car. Then it was off to Big 5 for yet another pair of cleats. Scout's coach recommended high tops for her so she would stop being cleated. Quick dinner by Drama Queen and Baby Doll, real chicken pot pie, and off to bed. Curly has to be at the park at 6:45 AM for weigh ins and Scout shortly afterward, so they need sleep. Me too.

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LeAnn said...

Another wild day of adventures for you all! I can't believe football is starting. It is a fall sport, right! Isn't August too early?? I still don't get how you keep up with it all. I do hope you are kind of taking it easy after your surgery. I am impressed you weren't in the middle of the water fight.
Sending loving restful thought your way!


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