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Jun 6, 2014

Guest Blog: Graduation at Hartvigsen by Elder Dog Walker

Mom asked me to guest blog for her again, because she got so tired doing a bunch of paperwork Anyway, the summer has come and I'm still planning to serve the rest of my mission. I did tell y'all before about how I'm still going to continue my mission through the summer.

This week, Hartvigsen school in Taylorsville had an amazing occasion. They had their graduation ceremony for all the kids who have been doing so well on their grades and their achievement goals for their future lives. There are some kids in the ceremony that graduated and I liked them in the seminaries especially one sweet girl named Jessie. She does have a good sense of humor and she loves to quote from movies and sing songs from movies too, so I'm guessing that she has autism, just like I do.

Anyway, the Seminary Principal asked me to come to the Seminary Faculty party with them and to bring a dessert with me to share with the staff. My sister, Princess, baked a batch of cupcakes for me to take over since she is a professional cupcake baker, which I wish that with her talent of baking cupcakes, she can come up with her own cupcake bakery business.

So, the party went well, especially when the seminary principal barbecued hamburgers for us and we enjoyed it. The faculty tried the cupcakes and thought they were delicious. Princess used the rest of them to take to her ballet classmates. Right after the luncheon, I went to the graduation ceremony in the Hartvigsen auditorium. I should've taken a few pictures of the ceremony to show you, but since the seminary principal at Kauri Sue Hamilton wouldn't allow me to take pictures of the kids there to show you, I didn't want to take any chances to see if the seminary principal at Hartvigsen had the same policies of taking pictures of the kids.

The graduation went really well. I'm still going to miss that sweet sense-of-humor girl named Jessie. I wish you could meet her, because she's one of the sweetest autistic kids I have ever met. At least I found this picture of Jessie online. She's the one in the red shirt talking with a boy.

It will be fun to get to know the kids in the new classes that start on June 17. I will let you know.


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LeAnn said...

You are the best Dog Walker; I loved your post. Keep up the good works on your mission.
Blessings to you!


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