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Jun 20, 2014

My Life Has Changed

My phone has been dying a slow and prolonged death for some time now. It's been so frustrating because if I try to text,
sometimes the words are wrong or a couple of times my phone has even sent the text to the wrong person in my contacts list!

But I've resisted getting a new phone. I just didn't want a phone that was smarter than me! Then my sweetie came home early and Bosssy showed up at my door so we went to Best Buy and two hours later, I was the terrified owner of a new Samsung Galaxy 5, according to the salesperson, the coolest phone ever made.

Even though Bossy did all the set up, I'm still nervous about learning how to use it. I hate to admit that I'm really not that great with computers. I limp along as best I can and when I need help, I'm great at bugging my kids until they solve my problems.

So we will see. I can sort of text now, but there are just so many options and features it makes my head spin. But at least now with the GPS in my smartphone, I know which way it's going!


mommeeof10 said...

I had a cheap samsung tracfone. It has been slowly dying for several months. I dropped all my dirty dishes from my office in the sink, then could not find my phone. I found it a while later while we were loading the dishwasher. It did not enjoy the prolonged time in cold soapy water and will not turn on now. Hubby also lost his cheap tracfone recently. Maybe this is a sign we should get more modern cellphones, maybe on a plan verses pay as you go? Decisions, decisions...

Denise said...

Aw yes, decisions, decisions.


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