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Jun 21, 2014

Sport's Birthday Party

We survived Sport's birthday party!

He had about 15 friends here for 3 hours. We served hot dogs my sweetie cooked on the grill and chips. The boys played basketball and volleyball. Then we made the pvc bows and arrows that we made at Pack Meeting a while back. The boys had fun with those until a couple of boys decided to tape rocks into their tips and then shoot them at the other boys. We quickly changed the activity.

They had cupcakes that Princess made and then my sweetie built a fire in the fire pit and they made Wolf-ems. Princess's friend invented the Wolf-em stick and he is actually making quite a bit of money for a new invention as a 17-year-old.

The sticks are made to form a pop-can biscuit over the end and then it is cooked over coals. It turns out like a little dough basket and then it can be filled with pudding or pie filling and whipped cream. The kids loved them even though it took us a while to make one for everyone since we only have 4 sticks and two of them belong to Bossy's family.

We sent the boys out the door with a bag of darkside Skittles. Sport was pretty happy even though he had to miss his baseball game. The team lost by two points without him and they are now out of the tournament.

Time to move on to the next sport... Curly and Sport are taking tennis lessons to get them by until football starts. I'm so glad they love them all. Life would be pretty boring if we had to concentrate on just one thing.


Denise said...

Happy Birthday to Sport.

LeAnn said...

I can't imagine in your family that there is many times that could be defined as boring.
A belated Happy Birthday to sport.
I am back to reading posts and will pop back to catch up with more of your adventures.


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