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Jul 12, 2012

Things Just Keep Looking Up for the Dog Walker!

I guess I spoke a little too soon about the Dog Walker's toe. Turns out that he has a little infection now. I called the doc this morning and he ordered antibiotics and it looks much better already.

Senator Hatch's office called us again today. The "least" they can do is get us a tour of the White House! We are so excited about that! When I tried to make those reservations myself, I was told they were booked months in advance and we were way too late. They also requested information for a security check...does that sound promising? Maybe I'm over-analyzing things, but it did to me.

The Dog Walker also got another phone call today. This one was from Utah Dave. Now I know everyone in Utah knows about Utah Dave, but just for the benefit of all the rest of you, I will explain. Remember when the kids were in the Countryfest parade? Well, after they finished the parade route, they loaded their bikes into the Drama Queen's truck and they joined us on the curb. It didn't take long before the Utah Dave truck came along, blaring some awesome rock 'n roll.

Utah Dave is a realtor here in the south end of the valley and every summer he has a dance contest during the parades and then he and his staff choose the finalists. Those finalists get all their friends to vote on Facebook and the winner gets $1000. The Dog Walker just couldn't resist that. He loves strutting his stuff and he has no fear of the camera. Watch the clip from South Jordan and maybe you can see him. (It will be much easier to get you a real link on Monday.)

They were calling to inform us that the Dog Walker was chosen as a finalist for the South Jordan parade! He is thrilled to be a little famous again. So the videos will be posted on Monday and I will give you all a link so you can vote for him. He could sure use the money for school this fall. He got a scholarship to cover his tuition, but he still needs money for books and fees. That $1000 would be perfect!

You guys are awesome!



Emma Frances said...

Wow!!! I can't wait to hear about your DC adventures! And I will definitely vote for Dog Walker!! :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So much good news. How exciting!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Dance on then Dog walker!!


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