Jul 27, 2012


It's late and we are so so tired! We rolled into Indianapolis about midnight. It shouldn't have taken us this long, but first of all, we didn't get on the road until almost ten. Then we got stuck in road construction for nearly 3 hours! Our plans to be here around 8:00 were totally shattered.

Today was the first day we have had much dissension in the ranks. Baby Doll just didn't want to travel and we had a little bickering in the back seat. But overall, the kids have been real troopers.

Here is one quick pic my sweetie snapped at the Wendy's where we stopped for lunch. More driving tomorrow, but maybe a little fun too. After all, the trip isn't over yet...

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Arkansas Patti said...

Traveling can be wearing but so worth it. Sorry but the picture would not open for me.