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Jul 18, 2012


We crawled out of bed pretty early. Some got more sleep than others. I was awake most of the night scratching my itchy body. And it only got worse today. After breakfast we piled into the van (all except my sweetie, he had to join a conference call for work so we were on our own to find the Morley Candy factory tour. I was starting to wish I had taken the 11:00 slot rather than the 9:30 one. These time zone changes are really messing me up.

The Drama Queen drove and I was the navigator. We only got lost up once, turning a little too early and having to go around the block again.  The candy tour was fun! We all got two free samples and then when we purchased a little box of coconut candies and a couple of candy bars they threw in a bunch of day-old fudge for us. It still tasted great!

After the candy factory we found the hotel again and I set about doing some laundry until my sweetie was ready to hit the road. We drove out to the Ford Rouge Factory tour so we could learn how Ford makes their cars. It was expensive, but it was also the reason we came to Detroit so we plunked down $150 and caught the bus. We couldn't take pictures in very many places, but Teach snapped a few on the observation deck. 

The assembly line was awesome! I think my sweetie and Sport could have spent the whole day there! Unfortunately, they closed at 5:00, so we left about 4:30. We spent an hour looking for the Detroit temple. When we finally found it, my sweetie insisted that we all get out for a photo op. Teach did a nice job. We stopped at the Cracker Barrel for dinner.

It was a little disappointing since everyone talked it up so much before we left.  Before dinner we  also stopped at a cupcakery. The cakes were good but expensive.  We got back to the hotel around 9:30 and I got in the tub, hoping it might help with the bug stings.

Most of the kids headed off to bed knowing we had an early start. Me? I'm still up doing laundry. I got confused earlier about which bags were clean and which were dirty. Turns out I rewashed an entire batch of clean clothes! Even on vacation, laundry is a never-ending job!!

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mommeeof10 said...

Laundry never ends. When we go on a trip, the kids have 4 outfits, one on, the rest packed in their school backpack. We usually visit family and all my relatives have washer/dryers available. The only exception to the 4 outfit rule is the little kids, as we know that if someone will go through a few outfits in 1 day, it will be the 2 youngest. #10 insists she does not need a cover on her cup, as she is a big kid. Poor #9 gets car sick usually on the road between Oneonta and Herkimer NY-very curvy road makes him sick almost every time. We could drive along the valley between Binghamton and Herkimer or take I81 to Syracuse then the thruway east. Either adds at least an hour to the trip...


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