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Jul 9, 2012

If You Get Squeamish Like Me, Do Not Read This Post!

You all know we are leaving on Saturday for our dream vacation. But there is always a million things to do first. One of them was to take care of the Dog Walker's big toe. He has been complaining about it for several weeks now and I've just been hoping the problem would go away...but it didn't.

Last Thursday I decided we had to do something about it before we headed out of the state and away from our regular doctor.. So I called the doctor's office and made an appointment. The Dog Walker was about to have his third surgery. He had an in-grown toenail that was NOT going to get better.

He groused about it all weekend. He alternated between happy to take care of the problem and total hysteria. It didn't help that he called the Gym Rat and asked him how his toe surgery went a few years ago. The Gym Rat told him that there was all kinds of blood and stuff and just to not look at it and he would be fine.Yeah right. Thanks, Gym Rat.

We drove over to the doctor's office together and the Dog Walker was trying hard to maintain control. We got through all the weighing and measuring and blood pressure stuff and then the doc came into the room. He carefully explained the "procedure" to us and the Dog Walker sunk down in his chair. He was done. I think if he could have run away, he would have.

They left us in the room for about 20 minutes before we were led into the "operating" room. The Dog Walker laid down on the gurney, because of course he couldn't see what was going on (again, thanks, Gym Rat). Then the doc came in and started numbing his toe. He moaned and groaned and squealed and tried to hold still, but he didn't get up and run away.

After the doc had pumped a sufficient amount of crap into his toe, it blew up like a balloon. I tried to get the Dog Walker to look at it, but he was having none of it. So I took a picture with my cell phone and showed it to him.

He was pretty grossed out and he had time to dwell on it for the following 20 minutes while the numbing took affect. That's when he decided maybe I could write an awesome post on his poor sad toe. (Although he was worried about how disgusting the pictures looked.)

At last the doc came back in and performed the surgery. All went well and he even got a lovely bandage to wear home.

And now he can walk all over the country without his feet hurting...OK, at least this foot.


Dog-Walker said...

Oh no. Not again!

Anonymous said...

Hey I can sympathise with Dog Walker. I had this done 2 weeks ago, except my toenail was septic (I waited too long) so recovery time has been long for me. I can finally put my proper high heeled shoes on for the first time in 2 weeks. Been going to work with slippers on, not very corporate.

Arkansas Patti said...

Oh dear, I should have heeded the warning. Yikes, that looks awful. I had to skip to the end. Sure hope Dog-Walker is all better soon.

Emma Frances said...

My husband has had surgery on his toes ELEVEN times! I have never seen pictures before though. Haha. Luckily I don't get too squeamish. I'm glad he got it done and won't be in pain on your vacation!!

Shell said...

Yikes! Poor thing!


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