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May 30, 2012

Where Did the Time Go?

I am SOOO ready for school to be out! The Dog Walker graduates from high school tomorrow and Princess and Prima Donna have their last day on Friday. My three elementary-aged kids are on year-round so they have to go until the middle of next week. Except for Scout who gets out one day earlier since she is in kindergarten.

I know, crazy. I want them to be out so I don't have to keep remembering who is doing what!

When I was a kid, school was ALWAYS out before Memorial Day weekend. That was the signal for the start of summer. That's when all the pools opened for business and everybody switched to summer hours. But not here. Life sure has changed in nearly 30 years.

Give me a minute to pour my heart out. Spending this past weekend in my hometown was quite an eye-opener. First, I realized as we were sitting at the parade, that I needed to look in the faces of the old people for some hint of my former life. Even my dad who taught school there for 40 years and has only been gone for about 10 is largely forgotten by the young people.

Life changes so quickly. Little ones turn into big ones and then they grow up and move away. We moved into our current home when the Dog Walker was 9 months old. I was telling a neighbor this morning that we had been here for nearly 18 years and neither one of us could believe where the time had gone. Pretty much it was the Dog Walker's entire lifetime.

Princess pointed out over the weekend that I had lived in our home now for about the same amount of time that I spent in my parents' home. When I think of myself I still think I am young and vibrant with a bright future, but then I look in the mirror and I see a middle-aged woman with little wrinkles beginning to appear.

I don't mean to get depressing...but what happened? Where has the time gone? And when did I get so old?


The Pepperrific Life said...

If I were given the chance to have one power, it would have to be the power to stop time- and banish wrinkles and cellulite!

Life happens. As much as we'd like to freeze every moment, we can't. But we can always look back on them fondly.

Have a great summer ahead :)

Arkansas Patti said...

The only scary part is that as more years pile on, time picks up speed. The consolation is that even at 72, you will still feel like that 30 year old till that darn mirror has its say. I say ban mirrors.

Anonymous said...

I am 64 years young, married 38 years to my childhood sweetie pie, one child to be 35 at the end of the year Nov early..she feels like she was in junior high doing all the things she did, she doesn't want people to know she is 35 cause she looks 18 about 5'6 inches 97 pounds dripping wet, still slim and happy, not married, no kids, travels all over, has a sweet kitty and sees her momma and daddy often..we miss her so much but see her a lot..Time flies, I have a group of friends we see from my childhood days, grade school catholic at that, no one goes to that church anymore, we all went to public high school thanks to God for the real world, married fellow grade school classmates, many are still married over 43 years mostly but me and my hubbs, he is jewish we are happy as clams, our daughter raised jewish and happy as a clam, too bad people cannot live their faiths but only profess their faiths this world be happier, too bad Moms & Dads cannot be like you and your husband who cherish your marriage and adore and cherish your children, must be your LDS faith, my daughter had many friends of your faith their parents were sweet, loving, lived their faith and adored their families never giving up on them ever, not like many who say they believe in their faith and abandon husbands, wives and children when the going gets rough, shameful..we are not going to live forever why not love the God you believe in and cherish your mate and precious children, you look mighty young for almost 29 years of marriage and 12 kids who are extraordinary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Camille Griffiths said...

I wanted time to pass quickly up until I turned 21 and had a baby. Then all of a sudden time started flying by and now I wish I could slow it down!!

Shell said...

Not old... but time passes so quickly!

Robbie K said...

i'm wondering the same thing. also when will i feel like a grown-up?


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