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May 9, 2012

Tee Ball

Me and My Team
Pretty sure I've told you several times about tee ball, but I finally got the camera with us to a game and my sweetie snapped some pics for you. When I signed Scout and Curly up for Tee Ball in the same league, I didn't realize just how often our games would be scheduled at the same time. We are more than halfway through the season and tonight was the first time I've had the opportunity to watch Curly play. (If you remember, I'm coaching Scout's team and my sweetie aka "the awesome-ist guy in the world" is coaching Curly's team.

Our game was pretty uneventful. Scout was her usual amazing self near the pitcher's mound and Taco played first base. They have a great thing going that you don't usually see in tee ball. Scout fields the ball and then tosses it to Taco and the batter is out. Not that it matters, nobody is ever really out in tee ball. And Burrito loves to chase after the ball. He has been know to totally tackle his own team mates just to be the one to get the ball.

Burrito with Taco in the background
After our games was over, we headed over to Curly's game where they were just taking the field. To keep the little ones from getting bored, the coach is supposed to recruit someone to practice with them in the outfield while the game is going on. Even though he has tons of parent support, that job generally becomes his.

Since I was there, my sweetie asked me to help Curly with his turn in the infield. Now I try to be enthusiastic then the kids will be excited about the game, so when they are fielding the ball I yell, and when they are throwing the ball I yell, and when they are batting, I yell the loudest. So Curly and I were standing there, waiting for the kid to hit the ball to us so Curly could throw it to first.

Only that's not what happened. The boy smacked the ball into right field. I immediately started yelling, "Get the ball! Get the ball!" and Curly took off running. Unfortunately, so did the little guy who was running from first to second. They had a horrible collision with both of them running at top speed!
It took me about three more batters before I could get Curly's tears to stop. Then he picked up a ball and threw it to first and actually made an out. He was so excited! When the second to last batter came to the plate, he popped the ball up just slightly over Curly's head. I wanted him to field another one since he had done such a great job with the last one, so I grabbed at the ball. Unfortunately, instinct took over and I actually caught the ball.
Smacking the ball
Some of the parents weren't too happy.

But most of them didn't care...the little guy ran the bases for a home run anyway.

That's tee ball!
Running to first!


Emmy said...

Sounds like you brought some excitement to the game. Too funny

Marci said...

This is my first exposure to tee ball (well, you are, not necessarily this post). Sounds like a blast!

Arkansas Patti said...

There really is nothing cutier than tee ballers. It is adorable to watch though that collision might have been a bit heart stopping.

Natalie Ockey said...

We love tee ball! Glad you are having such a great time.


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