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May 22, 2012

Real Baseball

Tee ball was an interesting experience. I'm not sure the kids learned much about baseball, but they sure had fun. Sport, on the other hand, is playing REAL baseball. He has three games scheduled for this week! His team is doing really well. They have only lost one game and that was because I couldn't attend, of course. (I am the semi-official scorekeeper, you know.)

Tonight was one of those awesome games when the boys are doing really well. Sport was a little upset in the second inning when they put in a new pitcher. This boy had an interesting pitch, almost like a softball slow pitch. I don't know how he managed it overhand, but quite a few of them fell through the strike zone and became strikes.  Sport was one of his first batters and he was rather devastated to be the first strike-out of the inning. Even though he missed the ball three times, I was glad to see him come out swinging.

At the bottom of the third, Sport was playing his usual position in left field. It had been slow for the other team, with most of the boys striking out. As the fourth batter strolled up to the plate, he had a confident swagger and he twirled his bat menacingly. The guys in the infield instinctively moved a little closer to their bases and the outfielders crouched in ready position.

I could tell Sport was nervous, but ready. On the very first pitch, bat connected with ball in a high pop fly right to left field. I held my breath. Sport was not exactly known for his catching abilities. I mouthed a silent prayer. For a split second I thought he had misjudged it and the ball would fall about 5 feet behind him, but at the last moment he reached back behind his head and snagged it with his mitt.

The crowd went wild! Me especially! His coach sprang to his feet, "Now that's what I'm talking about!" he shouted. The other team was devastated. This was their best hitter and instead of being their hero, he had gone down in flames. Sport tossed the ball back to the pitcher like it was nothing, but I could see the grin on his face from clear over by the dugout where I sat with the scorebook.

Later, after they soundly beat the Giants 15 - 6, Coach K presented the game ball to Sport, and he earned it. I just love real baseball!


Natalie Ockey said...

Nice Catch! I've let that one sail over my head and drop in behind me before. Nothing like making the catch!


Arkansas Patti said...

Amazing feeling to be the hero instead of the goat. Sounds like a future ROY in the making. I adore baseball in any form but you are right. At this age, it goes from amusing to competive.

Dog-Walker said...

Amazing long ball catch! He is like Scotty Smalls! Your prayer had been answered, Mom.


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