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May 27, 2012

An Apology - Guest Blogger: Drama Queen

Momma and the crew are down at Grandpa's house while the poly urethane sets on the hardwood floors. I volunteered to put up a post yesterday since I knew they'd be far from internet access but it managed to completely slip my mind.  This past week had been pretty hard on me.  I had six potential job interviews and worked five nights of it while my jaw was still healing up from wisdom teeth surgery.  Yesterday...I just checked out.  It was one of those days where almost nothing happened, and I think it was probably what I needed.  Who knows.

Point in fact, I wanted to say that I was sorry for not getting something up yesterday.  I'll think deep thoughts while at church and come back with a funny family history story to share later tonight.  I hope the blogging world is having a wonderful memorial weekend!

~ Drama Queen


Sarah from Alabama said...

That's okay! You have a really good excuse! :) Take care of yourself.

LeAnn said...

I really enjoy reading about your family adventures. This was a fun post and you did a lot in three days. I am sure when you get everything back together it will seem like you have brand new floors.
We also went out of town and decorated some of our loved ones graves. I need to take a trip of about 1 hour away and see if I can find some graves for my great grandparents. I ended up being way too emotional about decorating my parents graves. I miss them so much.
Thanks for a fun read and hugs to you!


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