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Dec 30, 2011

Food for Thought - Eggnog Shakes

The first Christmas my sweetie and I spent with his family, I learned of a fun new tradition called the Nut Prize. My MIL would make a yummy treat, usually chocolate pudding, then hide a nut down in one of the bowls. As the kids were eating, one of them would discover the nut and then they would receive a gift.

So I participated that first year, but when I discovered the nut in my treat, I was surprised that all of my sweetie's siblings were rather upset that I won. The gift happened to be a large bag of M&Ms that I promptly shared, but I still felt like an outsider that was not really welcome. Thank goodness that only happened the first year!

Despite my discomfort, my sweetie loved this tradition and it is one we have adopted into our own celebrations although he likes to make it a bit different from what his mom did. First of all, our treat of choice is generally eggnog shakes. Secondly, he likes to put in more than one nut so we have several winners each time. And he also prefers to award the Nut Prize away from the main holiday so the gifts are appreciated more.

Last night was the chosen night this year. After my sweetie made these delicious shakes, I stowed almonds in four of the twelve cups. (Bossy's family didn't join us this year.) Baby Doll, Sweetie, Drama Queen, and Princess were the lucky ones. Four inexpensive board games were revealed and enjoyed by everyone. By the way, I never liked eggnog until I had it mixed with ice cream. Now it is the required dessert at our family Christmas party every year although I usually make my baby sister get down on her knees and beg before I pull the ingredients from the freezer. Give it a try!

Eggnog Shakes

1 gallon vanilla ice cream
1 quart eggnog
freshly grated nutmeg

Scoop slightly softened vanilla ice cream into the bowl of your mixer. Add the eggnog slowly. Beat until smooth, but as little as possible. When we have beaten it too long, it adds air to the mixture and that's no good. Add freshly grated nutmeg if possible, if not, the ground stuff works well too. Add nuts and gifts as desired. Mix with plenty of laughter and love...serve immediately.


Shana said...

What a great tradition. Kind of like finding charms inside a cake!

Natalie Ockey said...

That egg nog makes the whole year worthwhile. It is my favorite thing about the Christmas party (oh, seeing family is all right, too!)


Sara said...

Your family has the most wonderful traditions! I've written several of them down to try some time.

Kate said...

Sounds amazing! Definitely going to try before the egg nog disappears from store shelves til next year!

Saimi said...

Hey, we played that game on Christmas eve. We had some friends over who brought some Danish Pudding, it's their tradition to eat Danish pudding with a hidden nut in it.

I wasn't the lucky one, so congratulations to you and your bag of M&MS

Sara Bell said...

Oh my GOODNESS! I am going to make one this weekend!


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