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Dec 3, 2011

Football Banquet

So you all knew Sport was playing little league football. Remember our game in the snow? Well, he won his championship game and Thursday night was our football banquet. We climbed into the Suzy-Q and sped off toward Draper. The party was being held at the Airborne Trampoline Arena.

The Snow Game - guess I forgot to share...
By the time we hit Riverton, I confessed that I had not remembered to bring the address with me. I looked at my sweetie expectantly. He usually knew exactly where we were going. Not this time. I frantically started texting my daughter so she could send us the address from the e-mail. The team mom had a surprise planned for the boys and she had specifically forbidden us from being late.

That’s about when Sport hollered from the back seat, “That’s Zack!” He pointed out the window at a little SUV with antlers stuck to the roof. “Follow that car!” Zack is his beloved coach and since we were pushing the clock, we decided to take a chance. The car headed off into an industrial district and we stayed on its tail. Sure enough, it pulled into Airborne right on schedule and we slid into a parking space a few feet away. “I told you it was Zack,” Sport smirked. For once I was glad he was right.

It wasn’t difficult to find the team…we just followed the noise. Nineteen players and their parents were all crowded into a small room full of picnic tables. It was obvious that this had been planned for the boys. They served Chick Fil A nuggets and chips. About the time the boys finished eating, the surprise arrived, chocolate chip cookies carried by two players from the Utah Blaze and the team mascot!

The Blaze are an arena football team that helps sponsor our league. I think the significance was lost on the boys, at least on my son. After they had been signing autographs for about 10 minutes, Sport slipped through the crowd and whispered to his dad, “Are they from Murray?” Murray is a local high school team with the same colors.

After the team video and all the trophies and certificates were handed out, the boys headed downstairs to jump on the trampolines for an hour. And you know what? Those guys from the Blaze joined them in a rousing game of dodgeball ON TRAMPOLINES! It was insane! And those guys showed absolutely no mercy…although neither did the coaches. They would get jumping about 8 feet in the air and then fling that ball as hard as they could at each other. Sport stood in the back and fed the balls to the Blaze player. He was usually one of the last to get out and he had a fantastic time.

My sweetie and I are too old for this sort of thing, grandparents, remember?, so we curled up on one of the leather couches and watched Rocky II with no sound. Not that you really need any with a Rocky movie. At 9:00 we gathered up and headed home. It was the perfect end to a perfect season. And check out that First Place Trophy! It’s almost as big as Sport! Go Bingham!


Emma Frances said...

That is so much fun!! :] And so funny that the boys didn't know the football players! Haha. But fun nonetheless! And I LOVE trampoline places!

Natalie Ockey said...

Sounds like so much fun! Way to go Sport!

Julie Harward said...

Such a cute boy and this is so good for him. (I paid $100.00 for my blog book) :D


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