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Dec 9, 2011

Dance Recital 2011

You all know that my girls love to dance. Last Saturday was our dance recital and Teach finally got around to downloading the pictures. This is the first year that Scout has been in “real” ballet, not just creative. The transformation was amazing! She slipped into her costume and then the Drama Queen did her makeup and I pulled her hair up in a bun. What happened to my little girl? She’s barely six, but she looks much older, don’t you think?

The recital started at 5:00 for the lower school and that means pretty much all the kids under the age of 8. Scout’s dance was the very first one, so after she was finished performing, my sweetie hauled everyone to the van and ran them home for a while except for me and the dancers. They wanted to watch all the performances, of course.

The older girls started dancing at 7:00. I love watching my kids dance! Prima Donna had a little trouble with her pointe shoes. The shank had broken in one of them a couple of weeks ago and she had only gotten the new ones last week. I guess it takes a while to break them in properly and she just didn’t have the time. But she still did a fabulous job. 

Since my girls dance in several different groups, sometimes it’s hard for them to make the costume changes quickly enough. Even with a nude leotard underneath to make things faster and tights over tights, pulling it all together in time can be hard.

There was a significant pause before Prima Donna’s jazz group took the stage. We were sweating because when the girls started dancing, she wasn’t out there. Then suddenly the director of the studio ran onto the stage, demanded they stop the music, and they started the dance over. The second time they started, the Prima Donna and another girl also joined in the dance. That happened again later in the evening. That’s what I love about our studio…they would rather be a little less professional if it’s important to one of the students. I know we would have been very disappointed if our daughter had missed the performance altogether.

One of my favorite dances was this one by Crafty’s group. They used the music from Nightmare Before Christmas and they wore these little black capes. It was certainly different from what we normally see at the Christmas Recital.

The final group was Princess’s pointe class. These girls have been dancing together for about 10 years now and they do an excellent job. They look right at home on stage.

You know there’s always the ones who look like they shouldn’t be there…and they are the same ones who just can’t wait to get on stage…


Emma Frances said...

I LOVE going to dance recitals! How fun that so many of your girls are beautiful dancers! :] I love these pictures and wish I could have seen their recital!

mCat said...

That is one thing I missed out on with only having boys. No dance recitals. But then we realized that is probably for the best since I seem to loudly cheer and yell when my kids are involved and I think that's pretty much frowned on during a recital! : )


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