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Sep 24, 2011

Birthdays and Funerals

My girls are good sports. When my mom passed away five years ago, the family insisted that the only day we could have her funeral was on the Prima Donna’s birthday. At the time it was difficult for her to spend her birthday that way, but she loved her grandma and now she is kind of proud of the fact that they shared a special day together. Now it’s happening again. Today is my grandma’s funeral and it is also Princess’s 15th birthday.

Princess was born on a beautiful fall day. I was still somewhat in recovery mode from my knee surgery, and we were still pretty new in our neighborhood. But we didn’t live in a “normal” neighborhood. It was a tight-knit supportive, inclusive group. They gave me my first baby shower ever (Princess was #6). We had gotten rid of tons of things when we moved from our other house, so I needed everything! They were all so kind and generous. Princess became the best-dressed baby in the neighborhood, and she still loves pretty clothes.


She never loved nursing and she was my only child who refused to look at me when she ate. She gulped quickly for 5 minutes and then looked for her pacifier. Maybe that’s why she is still so petite and thin now. Size 0…really?! I didn’t even know they made clothes that small.

I’ve told you before that when she was 15 months old, she drowned in my bathtub on Christmas Eve. But after CPR and being life-flighted to Primary Children’s Hospital, she was revived and we are pretty sure she doesn’t have any brain damage (judge for yourself) although she is 15 now, so we will let you know. (Just kiddin’…mostly…)

She is happy and sweet and a loyal friend and sister. She loves animals and babies, dancing and church, but not necessarily in that order. She has discovered that boys are nice to have around and they like her too. I’ll let you know how the birthday party goes tonight. She has invited about 30 kids (boys and girls) and it was impossible to cancel even with the funeral.

She is a straight A student with all honors in every class. She worries constantly about having everything just right. I’m pretty sure she has never missed or forgotten an assignment in any class. Her dance teacher sends an extra copy of the music with her to their competitions just because she knows the Princess never forgets anything. She has had her pointe shoes for three years and she is now dancing long solos in their performances. Last fall she got her first real tutu. She was so excited! She also does an amazing job in jazz.

She loves to cook, but mostly sweet things, and like me, she HAS to have a recipe! She doesn't cut hair (anymore), and she loves Justin Bieber. If you bother to read that story, read the sequel here. It's even better.

She plays basketball and volleyball with me although I’m not sure she loves them. She plays the clarinet in her school’s top band and she was selected for that honor in 8th grade too. I know I’m making her sound like the perfect kid, and she is pretty close. Sometimes she doesn’t want to do her chores or clean her room, but she usually comes around quickly. All I have to do is threaten to take away her phone and I get the results I’m hoping for. Her phone is her lifeline to her friends and she has tons of them!

Princess is the person I always wanted to be when I was growing up. She seems to have everything together. She dances through life, literally and figuratively. I’m so proud to be her mom. I could use a dozen more just like her. Happy Birthday, Princess. Sorry you have to share your birthday with Grandma's funeral, but I know if anybody can make a sad situation better, it’s you! Love you lots!


GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

We just had my grandma's funeral last month and it fell on my nephew's birthday :( Princess sounds like an amazing daughter!! She is gorgeous too!!!

Tracie said...

My Grandpa past on Lydia's Birthday and My Grandma the day before the twins and Taylie's (the 3 have the same birthday) and her funeral was the day before mine. I know how hard that is. Princess sounds like a wonderful young women with amazing talent. I know her party is going to be a blast tonight. Will also be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers today.

Amanda said...

happy birthday princess.. and hopefully a sad day turns into a great one!

The Bakers said...

And according to Berkelee she is the best babysitter ever! Happy Birthday

Librarian Mom said...

Oh how I wanted to be a ballerina. Did every girl? I have a 12 month old -- room already decorated in ballerinas -- and this makes me think of what it will be like years down the road. I am glad your Princess is safe and is doing well. Great post!

LeAnn said...

This was a very sweet post about your daughter. She sounds like a true princess. I had three daughters and they were such a treasures. When people ask what aged I like best with my girls it was the teenage years.
Just keep on enjoying your moments with that sweet girl.
Blessings to you!


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