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Sep 6, 2011

"Labor" Day

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Summer is over. But we had so much fun on Labor Day, I just had to share. No, we didn't have a strike, I've done that before. OK, it wasn’t all fun, because my sweetie has this thing about “Labor” in Labor Day, so we had to clean the garage first thing this morning. The Dog Walker was actually up at 6:30 putting up flags as a service project for his young men’s group. Then it was the garage. Teach made French Toast for us while we sorted and swept, restacked and rearranged, trying to find a little more space than we had before. (I guess I should have taken some pics, but you might not be as impressed as we were.)

After our yummy meal, we finished up the garage and tried to put the house back together. At 3:00 we decided to take all the kids to lunch at Famous Dave’s Legendary BBQ. I had never been there before, but the kids had some free passes from school…We stuffed ourselves and then headed toward home.

As we were driving along Redwood Road, Bossy’s family met up with us and motioned us to pull over. Then she handed me a bag of exploding bread dough. Apparently, the Gym Rat’s roommate thought he had to take the frozen roll dough out of the freezer the night before instead of just a few hours before he needed it. Rather than deal with this mess, they headed to the grocery store and bought new dough. The kids were ecstatic! That meant sweet rolls for FHE treat. We stopped by the house and stashed the dough in the fridge. It would have to wait.

We had big plans. With all the kids (who live at home) in tow, we headed to the church. After 20 minutes of folding paper, we had a paper airplane flying contest. I was the judge and my sweetie and all the kids stood on the stage and threw their airplanes. We had five different prizes, distance, accuracy, height…you get the idea. The kids had tons of fun; even Baby Doll enjoyed chasing the planes. Then we played a little basketball (I beat my sweetie at Horse, but he made the first 3-pointer.) 
Baby Doll flyin' airplanes
The kids made up a new game where they tried to fly their paper airplanes through the basket. It worked pretty well until Curly's got stuck...oops! Then we cleaned up (laboring again) and climbed back in the van and headed home.
Basketball or basket-plane?

Time for a little more labor on their bedrooms and then I sent Drama Queen and the Dog Walker to the Carmike to fill the popcorn buckets while my sweetie made the sweet rolls. Since it was Labor Day we had to watch Newsies so our kids could remember the reason for the holiday. Oh, and the sweet rolls were amazing! So how did you spend your Labor Day? Did you “Labor” or play?
Curly rockin' out to the credits


Amanda said...

oh yes.. labor day. I left hubs to watch jake while I cleaned up a bit. the ants are in full force ---stinky living by a canal, but I'll take an awesome view over ants, I guess. I'll have to see that movie you talked about, Newsies.

blueviolet said...

Wait a minute. You can go to the theater just to fill up your popcorn buckets? What the heck? YUM!

By the way, Famous Dave's is my absolute favorite BBQ place EVER!!!!!

Sara Bell said...

Mmmm, Famous Dave's... that place is pretty good. They only have a few gluten free options but they're tasty. My grandpa always takes us there and buys this huge meal we all share. They literally bring you a trash can lid filled with meats and corn muffins and potato wedges and such. =]

Emma Frances said...

My family was lazy and didn't labor but we totally went to the church to use their gym for games. :) it's the perfect place for a big family!

Buttercup said...

Thanks for stopping by Buttercup's. Please come and visit often.

redesigngal said...

WOW! You all had a busy day but doing things as a family is wonderful, especially on a holiday! And your DH made a 3-pointer...I'm impressed Have a good week! Joy

Beth said...

My baby was born on Sept. 7 last year, so this year Labor Day was spend celebrating her 1yr birthday.

Stacie said...

Oh my goodness, I am tired just reading this! You are one amazing mama...

Sue said...

What a great Labor Day you all enjoyed. we had a relaxing day at the farm.
Thanks for sharing.

Babblin' Brooke said...

You really sent them just to get popcorn? Hmmm, never knew you could do that. That's pretty funny.

And about the Newsies... never seen that movie all the way through. Tried a couple times but I just got so darn bored. Am I crazy? Everyone seems to think so.

Glad your Labor Day was fun.

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for your visit...life is so busy there I see..cute baby too! ;D

Tracie said...

I love that you sent them to get Popcorn. Movie theater popcorn is the best. My hubby gets me some every year on my birthday (and any other time I can talk him into it)
We celebrated at the Zoo with my parents, it wasn't to hot or crowded and turned out to be a really great day! It is hard with my four going out places I can't imagine doing it with 12! What a wonderful family!

M-Cat said...

Oh my goodness The Newsies! I haven't seen that since my boys were little. Now I am gonna have to find it!

Sounds like a fun labor day even with the "labor" you had to do.

PS - our ward gave up on the flags years ago. My husband was one of the few leaders who would actually do it. Getting boys to participate was like asking them for a kidney, so instead we sold the flags to families who wanted them, and everyone puts up their onw.

Best decision we ever made!


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