Aug 4, 2019

Vacation 2019 - Anaheim

It was a LONG drive, getting all the way from the Salt Lake Valley in Utah to Anaheim, California in one day, over 10 hours, but we did it! There are 13 of us traveling together in 3 vehicles, but we are all so excited to finally be here.

Princess and The Frog made all the arrangements to be here for us. It is the easiest planning I have ever done for a family vacation. We left South Jordan right after Curly had his jersey fitting yesterday morning, around 10:00. He is going to wear #97 for this football season.

Other than stops for gas, we drove all the way to Baker, CA before we stopped for real food. My sweetie wanted to go to the Mad Greek place, and the kids thought it would be ok since they had never had Greek before, but most of them didn't love it.

We had originally planned to stay the night in Las Vegas, but the grasshopper plague forced us to change our plans. We finally arrived in Anaheim about 8:30, and we were the last vehicle to show up (how did that happen?). After we got all checked in, Baby Doll and Curly wanted to go to the pool, so Dog Walker and I joined them.

Sunday is our down day, then it will definitely be a crazy week, but I will try to keep you posted.

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LeAnn said...

A ten-hour drive wouldn't be my favorite, but I am happy you all got there safely. It looks like you are in for some great moments on a fantastic vacation adventure.
Blessings for all!