Aug 1, 2019

Read Today - Bees Game 2019

I've probably told you every summer for the last 8 years that I love summer reading programs! Today we got to celebrate with the Read Today people at the Bees game. After the kids completed their reading challenge, Read Today sent them free tickets for the baseball game as well as free kid's meals gift cards from McDonald's and color-changing pencils.

Yay, baseball!!
Yay, babies!
So we got to the game a little late, but it didn't  matter because things were delayed from the rain and the game didn't start until nearly an hour after it was supposed to. We were a small group compared to our normal attendance numbers, just me and my sweetie, Baby Doll, Sport, Grandpa, Bossy, Skittles, Teach, Twiz, and Twizlet. In spite of the rain, the stadium was pretty packed, likely because of the Read Today kids.
Why am I holding this thing again?
Can I come and hang out with you, Skittles?
When we got there, they handed us a sack with a large foam finger, another color changing pencil, and a book. Baby Doll had a great time playing with her foam finger and the one we got for Curly who couldn't come because of football practice.

The game was rather slow with the Bees ultimately losing, but we had $1 hot dogs and lots of fun dancing, cheering, and laughing. Thanks, Read Today, for a fun, friendly, family activity!

Read Today, you're #1!!


Rockey said...

I'm glad you had fun at the baseball game with family, but I'm a little MORE glad to see you in that Boston Red Sox hat. Congratulations on your choice of headgear. It's a winner!


LeAnn said...

Love the photos, and it does look like a fantastic family activity. The grandchildren are so adorable. Hugs for all~