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Jan 9, 2017

Soup Party

I know you think we party all the time, but that's not necessarily true. Sometimes the kids just randomly show up.

Take today, for instance. Beauty called me to find out what the family was up to so of course I invited her and The Beast over. My sweetie had some bread rising (I swear they can smell it across the valley...), and we were planning to eat leftover chicken soup he made on Friday.

I knew the we had to pick up Princess and The Frog from the airport about 5:15, so it was a given that they would be by to tell us all about their "honeymoon" cruise. Teach and Twiz "accidentally" left their car here yesterday, so we knew they would be by sometime today too.

Then Bossy texted me to tell me about her homemade turkey soup and invite us to dinner, so what could I do? I asked her to bring her soup and her family so she could join our impromptu potluck soup party. Princess and The Frog showed a little slide show from their trip, but I'm hoping she will write a post for you in a day or two, so I won't share any pics right now.

They brought us a beautiful little Nativity in a gourd and everyone also got a bamboo flute! That's right! All the adults and the kids... it was pretty noisy for a little while.

But now it is quiet and everyone is sleeping but me. The Dog Walker, Prima Donna, Princess, The Frog, and Twiz all start school again tomorrow and my sweetie goes back to work. Life is never dull around here, that's for sure. Feel free to join us anytime for Sunday dinner, but you have to bring your own pot of soup.

Ever read that book called "Stone Soup"? Now I know why it was always one of my favorites.

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