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Jan 25, 2017

My Cub Scouting Journey

I have been in Cub Scouts off and on since we moved to our home. The first time was when we first moved in. Instantly my sweetie became the Cubmaster and I was the Committee Chair. It was only a short while before The Beast was one of those cub scouts. Then we loved scouts so much we thought about working in council positions, but realized it would take way too much time away from our own children.

Then we had Dog Walker. I've told you before that he hated scouts at first because it meant that people would have to look at him. But after a while he settled in and it became one of his greatest accomplishments. We were never officially scout leaders at that time, probably because we had so much trouble with the Dog Walker at a simple pack meeting that it would have been nearly impossible to help with anything.

Sport became a Tiger scout when he was 7 and because Bean Dip was nervous about his first scouting experiences, Sport was allowed to attend the wolf den with him. My first pack meeting then was in the exact same room we were in tonight with a similar theme.

At least it all seemed very familiar. That would have been about this time of year in 2010. We have been in scouts since that time, first with my sweetie being the Cubmaster, with the Dog Walker as his assistant, and now me completing my first year as a wolf den leader.

We have had our moments, but for the most part, it has been a sweet experience working with my boys to help them become men. Now that two of my boys are completely grown, I can see the effect scouting has had on their lives and all the hours of planning and preparing for pack and den meetings is totally worth it.

Tonight at pack meeting, Curly earned 7 belt loops. He only has one more to complete before he earns his wolf. I'm so glad I got to be a big part of that journey with him.

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LeAnn said...

I didn't really want to be in scouting but when I was called as a den leader for our first son; I was in for a long time after that. I wasnt in scouting for all three of our boys as was my husband. We held district positions many years ago when we lived in Richmond, Utah.
I learned to love and appreciaty scouting. All three of our sons were Eagle Scouts which I am veyr proud of. I know that scouting really blesses the lives of these young men.
I have admire all that you do in the scouting program; you and your sweet hubby are awesome! Hugs~


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