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Jan 13, 2017

My Little Fashionista

Today was a particularly hectic day. I ended up with quite some time at my computer and when I am sitting in this comfortable chair, Baby Doll likes to climb up behind me. Sometimes she falls asleep or reads a book, but other times she will agree to scratch my back or work on my hairstyle.

Baby Doll (I stole this from The Beast's Facebook page; I'm guessing about age 2.)
You know she is one of the true fashionistas in our family with her own sense of style. The more color and patterns, the better. This started at quite an early age for her and I'm guessing it will stick with her at least until she becomes a teenager and realizes that not only do people care what she wears, but they might even be judging her sanity by her choice of combinations.

Yesterday she did my hair for me and with her typical twist on fashion, it turned out pretty exciting! I usually try to quietly remove some of it before I head outdoors, but this time she caught me. My typical answer, "It was starting to fall out anyway... can you do it again?"

She is usually happy to oblige.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Oh, what a fun post! I envy that you hav this sweet one to work on your hair while you work on other things. Loved it! Hugs for that sweet one of yours.


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