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Dec 27, 2014

Getting Ready for the Wedding

The day has gotten away from me again! I slept in a little this morning to try to make up for the last few days of lost sleep. We spent another glorious day in the temple with Beauty and The Beast this time. It was so nice to share that experience with Bossy. We were accosted in the dressing room by a lady who asked us to do a couple of her family names. I was so surprised to find that the other ordinances were all done in Texas. Teach would have been excited.

We went for lunch afterward and then I came home and have pretty much been cutting out skirts ever since. Drama Queen cut out the one for Baby Doll since it is a full dress and somewhat different from the high/low skirts we are doing for everyone else although her dress is also a high/low. I'm hoping they sew up quickly. The first one only took an hour or two and these should be even easier now that I know what I'm doing.

Our Christmas dinner was fabulous, full of family and home. We served 26 with my Little Sis's family, Bossy and Gamer's family, and the missionaries. We also had a lesson afterward from the missionaries and that was fun.

I'm taking a break from cooking and cleaning tomorrow since I fully intend to spend most of my day at the sewing machine.

We made some decisions on the food and quantities. I'm sure everything will come together by Tuesday for the wedding. Sometimes it all seems like an impossible task, but then so did this week...


Natalie Ockey said...

Can't wait to see the skirts! You are amazing to sew them all!

LeAnn said...

You will make it through it all and the whole wedding will be beautiful. I will look forward to the pictures.
Enjoy the moments on this one and blessings for all!


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