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Dec 10, 2014

Crafty's Concert

Today was another busy day although a little more relaxed and beautiful than some of these others. Bossy, Baby Doll and I delivered wedding invitations to our neighbors in the sunshine without even a jacket. We have had such amazing weather here.

I have a few more invitations to find addresses for, but the bulk of them are finished and that is such a relief! You can't have much of a wedding reception without guests and they aren't going to come unless they know when it is.

But I digress...

Sneak Peak of Baby Doll preparing for the recital.
This post is supposed to be about Crafty's band concert. She did an amazing job! She plays with the symphonic band at her middle school which is the most prestigious band and quite an accomplishment for an 8th grader.

She and her stand partner managed to drop their music on the floor right during the song because Lexy's cell phone rang. I can tease Lex a little because she is in my Girl Scout troop as well. We were on the 6th row and we didn't hear the phone, but I guess it caused a bit of a stir in the clarinet row.

Tomorrow is another crazy day. I still have a vest to make for Curly's dance costume and the recital is on Thursday so that is the next item on my list. I finally managed to order myself a skirt and blouse for the wedding. I hope they fit!

Unless I manage to squeeze in a little time for Curves this week, they probably won't. The Dog Walker passed his Math 1010 class with a B-. We were SOO excited! He only has to finish up his English 2010 portfolio and then he is finished for the semester. I will be glad for a break.

Bossy and Gamer got their temple recommends today so their sealing is on for January 10. Such great things happening to my little family!

Hope you are having a fantastic month as well. :)


Marci said...

Lots of great things in this post, but I am especially excited for Bossy and Gamer! That will be such a special day for them! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Curious as to why, as the groom's family you are doing so much for the wedding? or is a custom that the bride's and groom's families address and deliver the invitations to their guest lists?

LeAnn said...

I enjoyed the update and I am happy you enjoyed the concert. I can imagine that a phone going off during a number would cause a stir.
I am so excited about your upcoming wedding.
Do you get to rest after the wedding? I hope so.
Blessings for you as you continue your massive schedule of things to do.


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