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Dec 13, 2014

Festival of Lights

One of the kids' favorite Christmas traditions is to drive to Spanish Fork and see the Festival of Lights. It's something I did with my grandma when I was little and I still enjoy driving through the display and figuring out what is new for the year.

They set things up a little differently every year and for Baby Doll, it was all new. There is a huge difference between being 3 years old at Christmas and 4 years old at Christmas. Once kids turn 4 it's like they can remember things and begin to follow traditions.

That's why the kids were so upset when we drove up to Krispie Kremes and there were 50 people in line for BOGO donuts. We couldn't wait in line so we ended up seeing lights without donuts and then stopping at a convenience store and using their gift cards for good grades from Tesoro to buy them each a treat. Not quite the same, but it worked.

Teach and Prima Donna went back to Nephi with Drama Queen to help her pack up. She has cancelled her contract and is moving home so she can prepare to serve a mission for our church! We are so excited for her and this huge decision in her life!

But I will let her tell you more about that later. My amazing friend is letting us come over for "caking" today. Princess has been asked to make the wedding cake for Beauty and The Beast, so we are going to observe the making of a wedding cake. I'm only going for a short while since I have a bunch of other commitments, but Princess will be there for several hours. Having her know what to do will make it SOOO much easier...

I really need things to be easier.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

You do have some awesome traditions. I will have to look into see these lights.
I think it is so wonderful that your daughter has chosen to go on a mission.
Very fun for your daughter to learn how to make the wedding cake.
Blessings for you all to have everything come together just perfect.


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