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Aug 28, 2012

Not My Fault

Sport's out there somewhere!
First just let me say, "It's not my fault!"

I meant to post on Saturday, truly I did. The football game was awesome! Sport's team won 19 - 6. He did an excellent job knocking over a kid who had about 30 lbs on him. Then after the game I rushed home, picked up Crafty, and took her to an audition. She has been dying to be in a play for a couple of years now, but the timing just hasn't been right. I'm not sure it's right now either, but she really wants to do it, so we will make it work somehow.

After her auditions, we drove home, ate some lunch and headed out again for the store this time. I took Princess with me as a special treat because she actually passed her driver's written test on Friday! First time! I was so proud of her. Now she can drive on her learner's permit for six months before she gets her real license. So her treat was a trip to Sam's Club. (OK, I know I'm a loser, but she was excited...) We were grabbing groceries and stuff for Cub Scout Pack Meeting tomorrow.

Me, waiting at the auditions.
After that we changed and drove to Sport's football team's swim party. The kids loved playing in the water and they didn't want to get out even when it started to rain.

When we got home there was just a little time to get ready for Stake Conference. We had Elder M. Russell Ballard at our conference because they were changing our Stake Presidency. He is an excellent speaker. Then my sweetie, the Dog Walker, Teach, and I all went to the Village Inn for a late supper.

Sunday dawned bright and early and we dragged all the kids up and out the door for conference. We arrived almost an hour early, hoping to get a soft seat, but they were already taken. While we were waiting for the music to begin, the Dog Walker got up and made his way to the restroom. He came back a few minutes later and took his seat. I hardly paid any attention until my friend who was sitting several rows behind me sent me a text.

Swimming or eating?
She had noticed that the Dog Walker had a huge rip in his pants! We were suddenly in a panic. The Dog Walker was being ordained an Elder and that meant he had to stand up in front of about a thousand people while we voted for him! We had 20 minutes before the meeting was to begin, but if we left we would never find a parking place. I started looking for friends who might have a key to the library, but no one had thought to bring them. One of my friends called her daughter to try to locate some pins, but she didn't pick up her phone.

I stepped into the hall and noticed that the stake clerk's office was open. These men had clearly faced this dilemma before and offered me a stapler...a missionary's best friend...

I sent my sweetie to the restroom with the Dog Walker and they re-emerged several minutes later with some success. I returned the stapler and we enjoyed the rest of the meeting. When it was over, the Dog Walker leaned over and complained, "The staples didn't work!" At that point I noticed they were pulling through the fabric. We got through the ordination with someone just walking close behind him at all times...sound like a story I told once before?

After that we drove home to prepare for my sweetie's birthday party. His birthday is really the 28th, but with that being pack meeting, we had to celebrate on Sunday. I still had a cake to make, food to prepare, and gifts to wrap.

All went well and he loved the Ipod I bought for him. But I was tired and I slipped off to bed without writing my post. (OK, maybe it really was my fault that I haven't updated you...)

Then I was planning to get on first thing this morning, but my sweetie decided to work home today since he had a dentist appointment this morning for a toothache he had been nursing all weekend. Unfortunately, his computer wasn't working so he had to use mine. Then the peaches on the porch began calling my name and we worked on those all morning. We finished with somewhere around 60 quarts. I still have a box of small ones left, but I'm thinking maybe some jam. I hope they will make it til Wednesday since I have to pull the rest of pack meeting together, including 144 cupcakes I have to make!


Dog-Walker said...

I can't believe this! You told them about my most embarrassing moment of my life!

Anonymous said...

You work like a one armed man in a fencing contest..but really never complain..Your hubby and children should be so thankful you enjoy cooking, baking, canning, running around and being a sweet and loving wife and mother!!!!!!!!!! I am always amazed, when your blog is not up I fear you actually got ill and that would be not a good think like Martha Stewart is always saying, she only had one child young and early in her short lived marriage, never married again and made billions went to jail and made even more billions..She totes around a Berkin bag costing $35,000 can you even imagine not I said the spy! Really!?! To me you are more of a success than she will ever ever be, including her many businessess and recipes, etc..You are the most amazing Wife, Momma and human being!!!!!!!!!!! For totally real in my book, keep up your energy and keep up your health look who relies upon you daily, happy birthday to your sweet husband, he is a jewel of a husband and father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF more people were like YOU, & YOUR Husband than kids would know they were loved and wanted and all the juvenile jails would be empty, they truly would be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natalie Ockey said...

I like the pants story.

On my mission, I was removing my slacks after a long day and noticed a large, obvious hole in the rear. Later, I said to my companion, "I wonder how long that hole was in my pants."

His reply, "It's been at least a few weeks!"

Kerin said...

Oh my goodness.. you have such an adventurous life!

So.. who's your new stake presidency?

I'm so impressed with your canning all those peaches too!
They'll taste so good this winter!

Smiles :)

mommeeof10 said...

I used to can, but just don't make the time to do so anymore. I gave all my canning jars to a fried with only 2 kids, 12 and 5. She likes to can and was looking for cheap jars. I cleaned out my attic and gave her 9 dozen. ;)

Cindy said...

Wow, you've been so busy! I'm tired just reading about your weekend.

Shell said...

Never would have thought to use a stapler!

Fairy Phases said...

The stapler was a wonderful idea! Working in the food service industry for years taught us all the benefits of a "quick fix"!

Marci said...

Reading all the things you do wears me out! You are one busy busy momma!

My husband has a pair of pants with a nice hole in it... I ought to just grab a stapler! So glad I saw this :)


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