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Aug 7, 2012

New Shingles

I think I told you before our vacation that we were looking forward to a huge roofing project upon our return. The shingles on our home were never done properly, in fact, they were stapled instead of nailed! Then every time the wind blew, the shingles would come off in bunches.

Gamer was getting pretty tired of climbing up to repair them.

With interest rates so low, we decided to take the plunge and refinance, pulling out enough extra equity to redo the roof. It took me almost three months to get the paperwork through and we managed to close just a few days before we left on vacation.

Then, because there was the big question mark about meeting the President, I asked them to hold the funds until we returned. I didn't think it would look very good to have a large deposit put into my account about the same time we were visiting the White House. Not that it ended up being a problem...

So early Monday morning, I was complaining about things to all of you (sorry about that!) when the banging started. I hollered to the Dog Walker, asking him what was going on upstairs. He told me he thought Prima Donna was getting in the shower. She had never made that much noise before.

About two minutes later it dawned on me...the roofers were tearing the shingles off my house! They hadn't even knocked on the door!

The pounding was driving us crazy so we took off for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

They worked all day, from 8:30 in the morning until past dark. And today we mostly have a new roof. There are a few things left for them to do, the gutters and the downspouts. And they flattened half my flowers and broke my rosebushes. Hopefully that is not a bad sign, although they assure me the shingles have a lifetime warranty.

What do you think?
I think Gamer would prefer to stay on the ground.
I know I would.


Sara Bell said...

It looks so lovely! I remember getting to climb up on the roof and help my dad with shingles. I didn't help much, mostly just repeatedly got too close to the edge to look at how tiny the neighborhood looked, and eventually I had to get down and go play on the ground. =]

mommeeof10 said...

Hopefully there were no staples or nails left on the grass or driveway to injure small feet and vehicle tires.

We have a standing seem metal roof. The part we replaced in about 15 years old. The other section is 50+ years. It has to be painted every 10 years or so ($1000 as I do not like heights and hubby has many bulging disks in his back) and cost twice what a normal shingle roof would cost.

Anonymous said...

Good you are having the roof done, gutters and downspouts, we waited for the gutters and downspouts, we love the system no run off and mess like regular gutters, they picked up everything I made them do that and was home for most of the day or two it took no payment at all until we were satisfied, had the roof torn up and done in june 2000..it is just dandy.this years windows and insulation and the new garage door, out tiny home is 34 years old end of september it costs more to replace everything now than it did to build it new, of course we get a senior discount and pay for it all off but no one gets a dime until we are totally satisfied & we go with a reputable company that is guaranteed and has been in this city for over 50 years..enjoy your new roof, gutters and downspouts they are absolutely necessary indeed...

Cindy said...

Looks gorgeous! It's done before fall and winter arrive and you can breathe easily now. Although Gamer is probably more relieved than you are!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It looks wonderful. I bet your happy to have that done.

Masonry Brooklyn said...

I think it looks splendifirous! The one time I did hire someone else besides myself to work on my roof though, it was quite a disaster. They left that giant pile of asphalt shingle on my lawn to be hauled away.

-Adam Ahmed

Mariam said...

You made a smart choice on getting a new roof though it was kind of unprofessional of them not to inform you guys that they will start the replacement. Thankfully, they were able to do everything within 2 days and assured you a lifetime warranty on the shingles. Just always remember to have routine checkups, so that you know if some parts need repairs.

Mariam Freame


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