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Aug 29, 2012

21 Arrow Salute

Pretty sure I mentioned that yesterday was Pack Meeting. (It was also my sweetie's birthday.) Since it's August, we decided to have a summer picnic and give out all the awards from the camps the boys went to in July. My sweetie is so busy at work that I was immediately put in charge of all the food. He put himself in charge of something else.

The plan was for 120 people. After several trips to the grocery store, I had hot dogs, buns, condiments, watermelon, and plastic tableware secured. Oh yeah, and I was in charge of table decorations and tablecloths as well as dessert.
Just practicing...

Everything came together at the last minute and by 6:15 we had taped down the paper tablecloths and my sweetie started grilling the hot dogs. The families started to arrive at promptly 6:30. Each one brought a salad to share and that rounded out our menu. After about 45 minutes of food, my sweetie pulled out his special project. He had prepared a kit made from pvc pipe, dowels, string, and electrical tape for each kid at the pack meeting...not each Cub Scout...EACH KID!

It took them another 45 minutes to tape and string and tie, but they loved every minute of it. When they were done they headed out to the field to shoot off their arrows while they waited for the others to finish. Bossy and Gamer were the best at bending the bows and they soon had a long line of kids waiting for their services. It was starting to get dark by the time we finally got to awards.

One boy had earned his Arrow of Light which is the highest award for Cub Scouts so my sweetie had all the kids line up with their bows and arrows and shoot them off at the same time in kind of a 21 Arrow Salute to his accomplishment.

Then we brought out the cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to my sweetie. I'm pretty sure the kids had a good time. I saw boys shooting off their arrows in the neighborhood today when I was running errands, so I think they liked them. My sweetie gets all the credit for being awesome and I got to eat two leftover cupcakes. But at least I didn't turn 49 yesterday. Happy birthday, Sweetie!


kristine barr said...

I am a den leader too. Would your husband be willing to share how the bows and arrows were made? I'd love to do this at a pack meeting.

Mom of 12 said...

I'm sure he would! You need to leave me your email address so we can talk.

Mark said...

Sounds like everybody had fun. It was very creative of your husband to come up with the idea. I would love to try out the idea.

Marci said...

This sounds like a really awesome activity! What a lot of work though! Sounds like you guys have the best pack meeting ever. Our ward only has one cub scout, so he gets some lame activities!


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