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Aug 16, 2012

Almost Like Vacation Again

Before we left on our vacation, Teach and I went to Smith's (the grocery store where she works) and bought $600 worth of restaurant gift cards for placed scattered across the country. That might seem like a weird thing to do except that Smith's has a gas program that allowed us to save $2 on each gallon of gas up to 35 gallons. And the day we bought the gift cards gave us 4X the points and saved us $70. (I know, you can never get over how cheap I really am!)

Anyway, the gift cards worked great! We used almost all of them, but not quite. My sweetie had recommended cards for Buca di Beppo because it is Drama Queen's favorite Italian place. As we got down to the last days of the trip, it became evident that we were going to have to save some of the cards until we got home. Since the Drama Queen's birthday was only a week away, we decided that it would be the perfect place to have a birthday celebration.

So last Friday we took part of the family (I only had $75 in cards, so we only took those who had been on the trip with us) out to dinner. We had already celebrated her birthday on Sunday so that everyone could have dinner and cake so we didn't feel too guilty.

We had to go late because Sport had football practice until 7:30 and Teach didn't get off work until 8:00, but it was a Friday night so we made reservations anyway.

When we arrived, they didn't have our table set up yet so we had to wait in the lobby for a few minutes. The manager came by to talk with us and he offered the kids' menus with the promise that the first one to finish the word search could have a free piece of cheesecake! That was definitely a motivating factor for several of my children. For several minutes we couldn't even get them to decide on what they wanted to order as they feverishly raced to find the huge list of words.

Even I got caught up in it (annoying my sweetie), but I didn't win. Princess was the coolest and the first one to finish and she nicely shared her cheesecake with everyone.

We had a great time! The kids were all so silly, just enjoying each others' company. It was almost like being on vacation again...

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Anonymous said...

Buca Di Becco is a favorite when we visit Seattle WA...It is not cheap but we signed up for their e-mail list and always get some sort of discount the amount of food is good and it is tasty, we just don't go overboard with it, they always give us a dessert for some reason and we don't order beverages at all preferring water the dessert is free and the food might tasty..we leave a good tip because they do split tips at that restaurant and 99 percent are college students and working single parents our child lived in Seattle for nearly 5 years and knew of many who worked there after a 8 hour day at another job to make ends meet for their child and no they did not live in Seattle at all tooo expensive..Enjoy your last days before school starts, if it did already enjoy the county fair like you just posted, in our county it is big and the first day they have a free pancake breakfast and you get to get into it the fair for free, parking is not included, but a bus ride to and from the fair is only $1.00 wow whee, unfortunately the temperatures exploded almost a 100 the first day, we got out there early, no we did not get the free breakfast and the heat hit like a tsunami, we visited all the 4H place, dairy women, and some livestock, goats, cattle and some pigmyi goats, they shut down early toooo much heat, we left early..One cannot enjoy much in 99 degree heat and nearly that in humidity, we don't get any heat like that for 99 percent of the year! Take care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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