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Aug 29, 2011

Three Strikes and I'm Wiped Out

Yesterday I was sitting in church during our first meeting and Baby Doll elected to fill her diaper and then be ornery about it. So I took her out to the changing room, got her fixed up, gave her a little milk, and rejoined the family.

In our church we have three hours of meetings for everyone on Sunday, and each one is about an hour. We left our first meeting and headed for the second. About 10 minutes into that one, she pooped again. So I took her out again, changed her diaper, gave her a little more milk, and rather than disrupt class again, waited in the hall until it was over.

While I was waiting, I was joined by the Bishop’s wife. She was carrying a large container of Red Vines licorice and offered one to Baby Doll. Now my little girl loves red licorice and she was wearing a red dress. It didn’t seem like a bad idea until I remembered I was wearing a white blouse! Red juice oozed from her little hands as she happily sucked/chewed on the piece of licorice. I turned her this way and that to keep those little hands from grabbing my clothes.

We finally entered the last classroom with only a small stain and I quickly sat down and retrieved a wipe from the diaper bag. She grabbed it from me so I pulled another one from the box. I figured she could wipe her own hands a little while I rubbed the red goo from my arms and hands. After about 30 seconds, she bit off a piece of the wipe. I fished it out of her mouth and tossed it in the diaper bag just as she bit off the second piece. People were starting to snigger around us. Me gathering bits of wipe as she tore it into smaller and smaller bites. I finally got the whole thing away from her and stowed safely away.

Then the lady teaching the class passed around a basket full of mint chocolate chip cookies. I took one and carefully broke off a small piece for Baby Doll. But instead of being grateful, she grabbed the big piece and shoved it in her mouth! Pretty soon we were smeared with chocolate cookie crumbs and mint chips. Dare I admit that I pulled out the wipes again?

After a failed attempt to clean her up, I sniffed that familiar aroma…I gathered up the diaper bag, wipe shreds, Baby Doll, and headed for the changing room for the third time. I changed her diaper, washed her smucky little fingers, and then mopped myself with a couple of wipes. Then I dug in her diaper bag until I found the remains of the bag of Cheerios. (The good ones, not the ones that ended up inside my sweetie’s shoes during Sacrament meeting.) I proceeded to down the entire bag! Not sugar, but desperate times call for desperate measures…Baby Doll didn’t mind…she’d found another wipe.


Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Oh dear...seriously, there are days when I wonder why I put myself through the sometimes torturous process of LDS church meetings!!! Do you remember when you went to church to relax and spiritually recharge??? Yeah, me either (c: I'm joking, but there are seriously days when I'm *convinced* that my children are plotting against me...(c:

Amanda said...

ahahahah i can soooo visualize this day!!!!

LeAnn said...

Oh dear! LOL on this one. I remember days like this; thanks for sharing the smile for the day.
Enjoy the moments!

GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

Oh I so have had those days... I was in sacrament one time and somebody (it couldn't have been me) put only 2 small bags of m&ms in my church bag. Well this is a problem since I have 3 kids. They noticed the M&Ms right during the sacrament prayer. My 3 girls began fighting in super loud voices over which 2 got the m&ms. I tried to confiscate them which only cause louder screams.... not one of my finer moments lol

KERRY said...

Aww this was a funny/sweet post! What a cutie she is too and look at that face covered in food lol, still cute!
Ah the life and times of a mummy, I can relate :)
Thanks for visiting my blog earlier! Now following you... :)

M-Cat said...

You're good. I would have bailed at the second poopy diaper and gone home~!


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