Jun 14, 2019

Visiting Hogle Zoo

Sport has been taking some college classes and one of them is Conservation Biology and one of his extra credit field trips is the Hogle Zoo, so we thought today would be a great day to visit. Of course I had to invite as many grandbabies as possible. We drove down in 4 separate cars counting the ones Teach and Bossy drove from their places of work.

There were 16 of us altogether. After visiting the giraffes and riding on the train, we sat on the porch of the administration building and ate our lunch. Then our huge party moved out. Of course we got separated! Teach and I and several of the kids stopped at the Giraffe Feeding gazebo. It cost $5 for some lettuce to hold up while their long tongues snatched it out of the hand. That might not sound super exciting unless you are a two or nearly two-year-old. Little Warrior and Twizlet had so much fun, and other than the carousel, it might have been my favorite part of the trip.

We visited several animals, the gorilla, monkeys, and meerkats, on our way to the carousel. The lines were short and it had turned into a bright sunny day in spite of the raindrops we saw on our drive in. The kids all loved the carousel and they immediately went around and got in line again. I think the little ones could have kept doing that all afternoon, but there was more to see.

We visited big cats, bears, and sea lions, and after a quick stop by the splashpad and another at the elephants, it was time to go home. But don't worry... we'll be back again soon. I have that magic pass!

Say "Cheese!"

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LeAnn said...

Of course, I loved all the photos and your Zoo adventure. I love how you find beautiful family moments, and almost everyone was there. It's Amazing!
Blessings and hugs!