Jun 6, 2019

Happy Blessing Day, Polliwog!

Last Sunday we headed out for The Frog's hometown and Princess's new hometown so we could witness Polliwog's baby blessing. It was a beautiful day and the drive down was quick and pleasant. Their sacrament meeting started at noon, so we couldn't go to our own services, but that's OK.

The Frog did a great job with the blessing and I got to spend the entire rest of the meeting holding Little Squire for Beauty. When the meeting was over, we made our way over to Princess's house for lunch. We had just gotten everything set up in the backyard for a BBQ when the rains came down. They were huge wet drops, so we quickly moved the party indoors and then eventually out to the garage. After The Frog moved their cars, it was a nice big space to set up the tables and chairs, although by the time we were ready to get everyone settled to eat again, the rain had stopped.

When lunch was over, I headed for the basement where they have all the boys' toys set up and the other babies were hanging out. I could have spent my whole day there watching them play, but eventually my sweetie got restless and it was time to go home.

This pic should be in a textbook... the perfect example of parallel play!

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LeAnn said...

It does look like a happy blessing day. I loved all the fun photos and the first and last ones were precious. Blessings and hugs!