May 24, 2019

Senior Awards Assembly

It was Crafty's Senior Awards Assembly this morning, so my sweetie, Twizlet, and I headed for the high school bright and early. Getting a good seat wasn't the problem, it was the parking...

Anyway, Crafty's name was announced a bunch of times, but she didn't receive anything we already hadn't heard about:

FACS Sterling Scholar
CTE Influencers Award
Top 10% of her class
Hogan Financial Scholarship

Twizlet was so good pretty much the entire time (after she got to take her selfie, of course...) which was good because the assembly was long, an hour or so, and then we were taken to the library with the rest of the parents and students for a brief reception.


Overall, it was nice to see her recognized as an amazing student!
She also got her dream (out of high school) job today!

She is definitely on a roll...


Dog-Walker said...

Dream job? What is it? I like to know.

LeAnn said...

Congrats to Crafty for all her achievements. What an awesome daughter you have.
Sending hugs her way!

Rockey said...

And the dream job is???

Mom of 12 said...

She got a job as a Full-Time Inbound Loan Processing Customer Service- Salt Lake City at the same bank where Beauty and The Beast as well as Bossy work. The pay is great for someone with little job experience and will serve her well until she leaves for her mission and even afterward.